Neon Baby Shower

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Nana took a very creative approach to this Neon Baby Shower.  With a vibrant array of yellows, greens and blues she neutralized the background décor with neutral tones to really make the colors pop.

The Invitations to the shower were adorable with a neat chevron pattern  and lots of color, blending with the theme easily. Even the thank you cards were specially designed to match and really stood out with their bright tones.


She created fun favors, little popsicle sticks that said, “Oh Baby” on them that were blue, yellow and green and they were nicely laid out with a matching banner of little flags directly above it all enhanced with the neutral background. The other favor she created was a tassel jewelry piece that could be used as a bracelet that were wrapped individually in mini clear glassine bags with a coordinating tag.

The dessert table was fantastic with a nice mixture of neon colors and the neutral tones that made it all stand out so well. Nana made a lovely heart that hung in the background on the wall that gave the table a true personal look. She made that heart by placing nails in a heart shape on a foam board and then crossed the neon string from one nail to the other. The ceiling was even decorated with an adorable tassel look.

The dessert table had a range of treats and sparkling water in cute little bottles.  The little glasses were topped off with straws that had personal little tags on them that looked very neat. Nana even had brownies cut into triangles to match the chevron pattern on the invitations and thank you cards, really drawing the theme together nicely.  There were yummy looking cupcakes frosted in white that were on a layered tray finished off with little, neon pinwheels.

Credits –

Desserts & Styling: Yum Eventos
Printable paper goods & Decor: La Feliz Celebrations

neon_baby_shower_ideas_by_nana_birthday_party_ideas neon baby shower neon_baby_shower_ideas_by_nana_birthday_party_ideas_tassel_favors_dessert_table neon baby shower neon baby shower ideas neon_baby_shower_ideas_by_nana_birthday_party_ideas_tassel_favors_dessert_table_treats_H2OBABY_straw_toppers neon_baby_shower_ideas_by_nana_birthday_party_ideas_tassel_favors_dessert_table_treats_H2OBABY_straw_toppers_cupcakes_heart_topper neon baby shower ideas great for birthday party too! neon_baby_shower_ideas_by_nana_birthday_party_ideas_tassel_favors_dessert_table_treats_H2OBABY_straw_toppers_triangle_treats neon_baby_shower_ideas_by_nana_birthday_party_ideas_tassel_favors_dessert_table_treats_H2OBABY_string_art

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