Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Party


A Mickey & Minnie Mouse Birthday Bash by Maressa of Pequenos Luxos. This is a great birthday party bash, with Mickey and Minnie Mouse as co-stars! A perfect baby shower idea for a boy or a girl, and some of the party decorations are absolutely exquisite. For example, the doll-like reproductions of Mickey and Minnie are great for the party, but make even better when they can be treasured as keepsakes after the party.

Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

The bright colors of red and yellow seem to make the decorations jump off the table and are sure to catch every little party goers eyes! Minnie mouse adorns the main table sitting amongst some of the cutest decorations for your little prince or princess, and what a rainbow of color surrounds her – bright, polka dot balloons, ribbons of pastel, and pom poms of yellow and red.

The scrumptious treats range from deliciously decorated chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles, to pudding cups surrounded with gingham, boxed lunches encased in ribbon and stamped with Minnie Mouse, red jelly beans, bon bons covered in sprinkles, even bon bons in yellow daisy cups! Each child has a red-checkered popcorn box for selecting their own particular favorites from the edible delights. Little mini-sweets for the sweet small party participants!

The flowers that are used to decorate add beautiful touch to the rest of the decorations. Yellow and white daisies, roses encased in bell glass on a beautiful red stand behind Minnie. Baby’s breathe and greenery only add to the wonderful mix of colors found on the display table!

The place cards and identification cards are even colored to match all the rest of the table, so as to almost go unnoticed, yet blend perfectly with the reds, yellows, and greens of the display table. Even the straws are color coordinated to blend with the rest of the party theme! So many wonderful Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse party ideas!


Event Design & Printables: Pequenos Luxos & Atelier Sophie
Cake: Ana Salinas
Paper Pompons: Livia Guimarães
Little boxes with cold porcelain: Bebel Michel
Fabric boxes: Mania di Maria
Photography: Carolina Almeida

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