Southern Baby Shower

This Southern Baby Shower was done by Jennifer Carroll ( from Celebrating Everyday Life) who left no detail out in her planning of this wonderful event.  Some of vintage chairs that circled the tables featured a beautiful little tag and bow that really drew the eye in.  The tables were covered in a shiny pink cloth that gave a soft and elegant appearance to the room.

pink green baby shower ideas southern baby shower

The place settings were immaculate with tiny little glasses soon filled with pink lemonade and silverware napkins set carefully on lovely little tea plates. The table setting look was completed with a beautiful mini bouquet of flowers, really emphasizing that Southern feeling.

The buffet table was laid out with precise detail, layered trays with yummy looking biscuits mixed in with more of those lovely mini-bouquets.  With a wreath hanging in the window that held a cute sign this table was fantastically decorated.  There was even a line of bouquets across the back of the table, accenting the sign above them in a smooth manner. Instead of using the same table cloths as the dining tables, a simple white checkered cloth was used, pinned underneath giving the table a clean even look.

There were treat baskets neatly placed that were made to look like little baby cribs, filled with tissue paper and filled with individually wrapped yummies. This snack was very inventive and gave the shower a wonderful little touch.  The mini-bouquet and booties were an adorable addition to this setting.

With a vintage stroller at the door to hold gifts and cards, the look for this Southern shower was complete. The placement of the stroller was perfect and the little baby blanket covering the bottom was an exceptional idea.

This Southern baby shower was an endearing, and well-executed party idea that I would recommend to anyone having a little one in the future.

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More photos @ Celebrating Everyday Life

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