Gift Ideas: Baby Clothes Bouquet

Baby showers are so fun and exciting, the anticipation of a new life about to be born filling everyone with joy. With baby showers, we have the chance to spoil both mommy and baby with unique gifts that can be helpful, practical, enjoyable, and cute. For some creative and beautiful ideas for baby shower gifts, I’d like to introduce some pretty items offered by the lovely, oh! that’s pretty.

We all know that flowers brighten and liven up a room, bring smiles from people who receive them, and just look so lovely no matter what. That’s why these gifts are so pretty and unique, because they look like flower bouquets, but are actually baby clothes bouquets. Super exciting if you ask me!

the oh! that’s pretty one
the bright one
the sock one

This beautiful pink “bouquet” looks like a gorgeous vase full of flowers and it would indeed make a great centerpiece for your baby shower, but rather than containing roses, this vase is filled with ten pairs of hand crafted baby socks placed in a stunning ceramic vase.

This beautiful vintage tea cup and saucer (both always vintage and made of fine bone China) is stuffed with a quality bodysuit suitable for a 3-6 month old baby, along with one pair of quality baby socks.

Who doesn’t love an assortment of cupcakes, especially at a baby shower? Don’t they look scrumptious!  I love the vibrancy of colors and the absolute cuteness of the designs. These cupcakes are made with two pairs of quality socks suited for babies 0-3 months in age. Each sock “cupcake” comes with a beautiful handmade Rose topper and each cupcake is presented in a gorgeous gift box with a die cut butterfly.

These unique and beautiful gifts are sure to be a great conversation piece at your baby shower!


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