When & How to Give Out Favors


When and how to give out baby shower favors?

Baby showers favors are do it yourself gifts, at least half of the process, created by the host of the baby shower and given out to guests as a thank you for attending. Usually these favors are meant to be a surprise but the gesture is so popular that the moment and the way of giving baby shower favor became more surprising than the favor itself. It depends on what you visualize as a creative gift and how you manage to make a memorable moment out of it.

Here are some ideas.

At the beginning of the baby shower

A good moment to surprise you guests with a baby shower favor it’s right at the beginning of the party as a welcome gift. You can wait for every guest with a welcome drink in a personalized glass which of course they can keep as a memory. You can either place a baby tag with the name if it’s already known or you can write simply “it’s a boy/girl” or date of shower if parents still don’t know baby’s gender. You can even make it more personal by having a cute plastic pacifier swimming in the glass. What a fun way of starting the party.

Another warm welcome that would surprise your guests is to create personalized baby shower cones and hand them out as the guests enter. Write their names on each one of them and you’ll certainly be laughing at the table

In the middle of the baby shower

The best moment of giving baby shower favors is right in the middle of the party. Think about fun activities & games through which guests can earn their baby shower favors. You can craft different prizes for winners but keep it to the same subject area so you don’t risk any further discussions. You can craft for winners a beauty pack of home made soaps, body cream or shower creams, whereas for a consolation prize you can pick some scented candles. Not only you’ll have fun playing the games but you will also have the chance to see some people really enjoying their time. When sitting at the table for eating, place some fortune cookies in the salad bowl for example. Guests will be even more surprised if you personalize the notes but then you will have to place the fortune cookie on each plate and carefully guide guests to their seat. Think about each guest and what defines his/her personality and compose a funny sentence for a special treatment.

When the cake comes

Entertain a double surprise and give your baby shower favors after the cake is served. You will surprise parents to be with a marvelous cake and guests will also feel included when receiving a personalized gift. You can match your favors with the theme of cake so if it’s an animal shape, craft some stuffed animals as favor gifts or make some cookies wrapped in cellophane bags with a pretty ribbon.

At the end of the baby shower

A little tease doesn’t hurt anyone so keep your guests on fire and handle their favors only before leaving the party. What you choose to give them is your decision. You can prepare some delicious cupcakes, crafted napkin or cloth diapers filled with candies or any other containers that you can personalize. Whatever baby shower favor you choose will fill your guests with joy and gratitude. You can choose anything you want with only one condition, craft them yourself it’s more personal and inspiring!