Making a Napkin Diaper

DIY Napkin Diaper with Candies Favor:

Making a Napkin Diaper

Deciding on a very special baby shower favor is one of my favorite parts of baby shower planning. Although you could purchase favors online or at a party shop, I like to get my crafty side of me out and come up with something very unique and personalized! If you are looking for favors that are affordable and appropriate for baby shower theme, you can try this DIY diaper napkin favors! You can use napkins or fabrics as long as they are square. Other materials you will need are diaper pins/safety pins and fillings such as candies, chocolate balls or even jelly beans. Once you have your materials all set, you can follow the step by step instructions on making a diaper below. Add your favorite filling and you are done! There is also a video if you prefer this option at the bottom of this page.

step to step instruction to Making a Napkin Diaper
DIY diaper napkin with fabrics
Casinha Da Manu

Diaper favor made of a napkin might look a little tricky, but after watching the video, How to make napkin diaper for candy treats, I know you will be able to make one! .. maybe hundreds! Use colorful or patterned napkins (or cloth) for the best look!

Don’t forget to share your creations on our facebook group page! We’d love to see what you’ve made. It will inspire other group members!

How to Make a Napkin Diaper Tutorial Video

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