Baby to Bee Outdoor Shower


Thanks to the expertise of Queen Tut Events & Design, this Baby to Bee Outdoor Shower was a stylishly success. With innovative decorations and elegant design details, the venue for the celebration was definitely one of a kind. The invitations introduced the theme in sophistication style with black ribbon and a modern blend of fonts. 

Using a large, outdoor space on a sunny day, this shower was a bright and inviting gathering that everyone was sure to enjoy. With an array of round tables set up for the guests to sit at, visiting with eachother was sure to be easy and comfortable. The tables had delightful soft, golden covers with centerpieces of flowers in bright yellow and white, creating a sweet look. Each place setting featured an adorable thank you gift of bumble gum, a fantastic twist on a classic treat! The gum was placed in cute little jars that were labelled in chalk style and finished with black ribbon for a modern effect. 

The dessert table was elegantly arrranged with simplicitiy in mind.  A large round table with a lovely runner across the front welcomed the guests by the back door.  A tower of hexagons created a honeycomb look that introduced this Bumble Bee Shower perfectly.  Each wooden wonder was used to hold a tasty looking cupcake frosted in white, making it a functional decoration. Lovely flowers were set in golden vases on each side of this fantastic decor, adding a touch of nature. 

The cake was absolutely adorable, frosted in bee-hive fashion. It had cute little details too including little butterflies and hearts that made it an elegant delight. Another tasty treat showcased at this lovely event were yummy layered pudding cups. They had a blend of soft colors that matched the theme beautifully and look absolutely scrumptious. For a fun display, they were set on a sheer, golden dish.

baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-bumblebee-decor baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-cupcakes baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-floral-centerpieces baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-flowers baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-guest-seating baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-gum baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-honeycomb baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-invitations baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-pudding baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-pudding-cups baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-rustic-window-art baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-seating baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-white-rose baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-wood-letters


Styling/design/invitations - Queen Tut Events & Design


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