Golden Enchanting Princess Baby Shower


From top to bottom this Golden Enchanting Princess Baby Shower was certain to spoil a special mom-to-be.  Bee-unike Events left no detail out with this extravagant gathering.

Using gold as a base color, the entire venue looked like a royal event.  A whole throne area was created for the mom-to-be to sit at, using a fantastic chair as the centerpiece. Curtains were draped all around giving a cozy and elegant effect.  To each side of the chair adorable decorations were used to give this section a complete look.

A welcome table was set-up so the guests would know right where to go.  With a golden cover and adorable golden carriages, this table was exquisite.  A cute little mannequin stood at the center with a sweet ballerina outfit on it.  Unique floral arrangements filled this table with gorgeous bursts of pastel colors. There was even a small jewelry box with tiny baby ballet slippers in front of it.

The guest tables were magnificent, each table covered with a layering of lavish covers that blended with the Golden Enchanting Princess Baby Shower theme perfectly. Each chair even had a wonderful cloth draped over in a sophisticated way.  Golden chargers made a lovely base for the plates to sit on. Centerpieces of fantastic flowers and candles were set on each table.

The buffet was set up using two tables making it easy for everyone to grab a treat and go.  The larger table was covered in a beautiful golden cover and had a backdrop of fabric giving a purely elegant look.  A decadent cake had its own special table to stand on. Detailing in gold made this dessert nothing short of amazing.  There were even flowers added into the decorating of this treat, blending with the theme in elegance. The table it was set on was divine with flowers and a soft, golden cloth.

Golden-Enchanting-Princess-Baby-Shower-Cake Golden-Enchanting-Princess-Baby-Shower-Carriage Golden-Enchanting-Princess-Baby-Shower-Cupcake-Towerprincess baby shower Golden-Enchanting-Princess-Baby-Shower-Decor-Treats Golden-Enchanting-Princess-Baby-Shower-Dress Golden-Enchanting-Princess-Baby-Shower-Flower-Decor Golden-Enchanting-Princess-Baby-Shower-Flowers Golden-Enchanting-Princess-Baby-Shower-Food Golden-Enchanting-Princess-Baby-Shower-Golden-Table Golden-Enchanting-Princess-Baby-Shower-Golden-Treats Golden-Enchanting-Princess-Baby-Shower-Guest-Seating Golden-Enchanting-Princess-Baby-Shower-Throne

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Bee-unike Events

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