Kate Spade Baby Shower Ideas


Kate Spade is a widely-known, beyond popular brand that encompasses a crisp, bright aesthetic. From pastels and metallics of every hue, to simple accents and lovely floral, polka dots, or stripe patterns, a Kate Spade theme for a baby shower is a fantastic idea! If you’re looking for that atmosphere that falls between classy and fun, look no further than Kate Spade.


Kate Spade Baby Shower Invitations

Send out those gold-dotted stunning invitations to get guests excited for a simply posh affair! Ensure there’s hot pink or black stripes used in the design to convey the theme!

gold kate spade invitation
hot pink and black kate spade baby shower invitation

Kate Spade Baby Shower Decorations

Kate Spade Party Backdrop

Set up a perfect backdrop for this party with horizontal black and white stripes, accented by oversized paper flowers in different shades of pink. Tons of balloons in white and black polka dots, hot pinks, gleaming blacks, and sparkling golds should be tied up with big bows, or even cover the whole ceiling!


Kate Spade Garland

Garland of flashy spade shapes—or just these spade shapes in general in any form—are the perfect addition to the party décor. Glittering gold tablecloths and big, polka dot bows are great extra touches, along with hot pink or blue table runners, or tulle skirts for accent tables.

Kate Spade Baby Shower Decorations

Kate Spade Baby Shower Centerpiece

Creating stylish and elegant centerpieces is key to achieving a Kate Spade-themed baby shower aesthetic. White and various shades of pink flowers in striped vases will make beautiful table centerpieces. Add a bow or ribbon in the signature Kate Spade stripes around the vases.


For a touch of luxury, you can incorporate black or whit features into your centerpieces. Arrange the feathers in tall vases or gold containers and finally add gold accents or bows for a Kate Spade touch.

Kate Spade-Inspired Diaper Cake

Create a diaper cake using black, white, and gold-themed baby items. Add bows, ribbons, or Kate Spade-inspired decorations to enhance the look.

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Kate Spade Baby Shower Treats

Create a stunning dessert bar with black and white treats, such as chocolate-dipped strawberries, black and white cookies, and monochrome cupcakes. Decorate with edible gold accents.

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kate spade baby shower treats

Gold-Dipped Pretzels

Dip pretzel rods in gold-colored chocolate to create a simple and elegant treat. Add sprinkles or edible glitter for extra glam.

Polka Dot Cake Pops

Design cake pops in the shape of baby rattle with polka dot patterns resembling the classic Kate Spade polka dots. Use a combination of black and white, and consider incorporating a touch of gold.

baby rattle kate spade cake pops
kate spade inspired desserts

Kate Spade Cupcakes

Decorate cupcakes with Kate Spade-inspired toppers, featuring the iconic black and white stripes, bows, or polka dots. Consider a mix of flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and lemon.

Striped Macarons

Create macarons with black and white stripes for a chic and sophisticated touch. Consider a variety of flavors and colors to add vibrancy.


Kate Spade Baby Shower Cake

You can have a main event cake for the center of all the goodies. A multi-tiered cake with each layer boasting a neat Kate Spade look is key, blending the dots, stripes, and metallic colors with a bow topper and spelling out the baby-to-be’s name.

gold black pink kate spade baby shower cake

Kate Spade Baby Shower Food Ideas

A Kate Spade-themed baby shower calls for a touch of elegance and sophistication in both the decorations and the food. Remember to consider the color palette of black, white, hot pink and gold throughout your food presentation, and use elegant servingware to enhance the overall Kate Spade-inspired look of the baby shower.

kate spade inspired baby shower guest tables
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Bow-Tie Pasta Salad

Serve a bow-tie pasta salad as a nod to Kate Spade’s iconic bow designs. Include a variety of colorful vegetables and a light vinaigrette dressing.

Fruit Skewers

Prepare fruit skewers with a variety of colorful fruits, such as strawberries, grapes, and melon, to add a fresh and vibrant element to the table.

Elegant Cheese Platter

Arrange a sophisticated cheese platter with a selection of cheeses, crackers, and fresh fruits. Use decorative trays and serving utensils to enhance the presentation.

Mini Tea Sandwiches

Serve dainty tea sandwiches with a variety of fillings. Cut them into shapes like bows or diamonds to align with the theme.

Kate Spade Baby Shower Game

Hosting a Kate Spade-themed baby shower offers an opportunity to incorporate chic and stylish elements into your games.

Purse Raid Game

Create a list of items commonly found in a purse. Ask guests to search their own purses and assign points to each item. The person with the most points wins a prize. Include stylish and Kate Spade-esque items on the list.

Wishes for Baby Activity

Provide guests with stylish cards to write down their wishes and advice for the baby. Collect the cards in a Kate Spade-themed box or envelope.

Kate Spade Baby Shower Favors


Creating stylish and memorable favors for a Kate Spade themed baby shower is a delightful way to thank guests for celebrating the special occasion. Remember to customize tags or labels with a heartfelt thank-you message that ties in with the Kate Spade theme. Packaging the favors in stylish boxes or bags will enhance the overall presentation and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Mini Champagne Bottles

Provide mini champagne bottles with personalized Kate Spade-themed labels. Attach a small tag that says “Cheers to Baby!” or “About to Pop!”.


Customized Lip Balm

Create lip balm with customized labels that match the Kate Spade theme. Attach a tag with a message like “Pamper Yourself.”

Striped or Polka Dot Socks

Gift guests with cozy socks in black and white stripes or polka dots. Attach a tag that says “Toe-Tally Grateful for Your Presence.”

Kate Spade Inspired Party Collection

Kate Spade Baby Shower Ideas
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