Golden Glamorous Prince Baby Shower


Bee-unike Events went above and beyond with this Golden Glamorous Prince Baby Shower.  Using a beautiful shade of blue along with white and gold, every bit of decor at this party looked absolutely elegant.

The treat table was amazing from top to bottom, Bee-unike Events created a canopy from lovely sheer white fabric, giving a soft ceiling effect. Behind the canopy a wall of sheer, golden and blue cloth was draped in gorgeous fashion.  The front of the canopy had the fabric swept to each side with a blue bit running down the middle of each side. They were wrapped in a sparkly gold ribbon.


The front of the table was surrounded in a fluffy fabric, giving it a fantastic, textured look and a white cloth set the stage for all of the colorful goodies and decorations displayed. The decor was stunning on this buffet, everything was golden, giving that royal feeling.

At the back two tall stands were used to hold overflowing bouquets of blue and gold flowers that matched the theme perfectly.  The baby shower cake made for this sweet event was exquisitely done, two layers shaped like pillows with a layer made to look like a crown on top. To accent this dessert baby shoes and a rattle in gold were laid in front.


Circular tables were used at this party, filling the venue marvelously.  White covers were used with elegant blue and white runners.  As a table centerpiece, lovely golden vases with blue and gold flowers were set out. A unique addition to these vases were miniature crowns that made a perfect top. Even the chairs looked royal wrapped in massive golden bows.


A vip chair for mom-to-be was set in front of the dessert table in gold and white.  It had a vintage look to it that was superb.  On each side of the chair a layered look was made with candles.

Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-BuffetGolden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-CanopyGolden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Dance-Floor Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Decorations-Onsie Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Decorations-Treats Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Decor-Buffet Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Decor-Golden Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Floating-Candles Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Floral-Decor Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Floral-Display Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Flower-Display Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Flowers Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Framed-Art Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Guest-Seating Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Guest-Tables Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Light-Sign Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Reserved-Seating Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Royalty-Crown Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Shoes-Golden Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Sugar-Cookie Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Tiered-Cake Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-Treat-Table Golden-Glamorous-Prince-Baby-Shower-VIP-Chair

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