Ladybug Garden Party

outdoor ladybug garden party

Ladybug Garden Party by Joanne of Cakes by Joanne Charmand: This is a very innovative and cute idea for a baby shower or a little girl’s birthday party. Let’s look at some of the components of this fun idea for an outdoor ladybug garden party.

ladybug theme party

This plate of cookies is just gorgeous and is such a great idea. Cut in the shapes of butterflies, lady bugs and flowers the cookies represent garden inhabitants. The flower and butterfly cookies are decorated using white fondant. The fondant is scored with lines making different decorations on the cookies. The application of fondant butterflies and flowers to some of the cookies give an added touch. The ladybugs are decorated with red and black fondant. Leaf shaped cookies are decorated in green fondant and have exquisite fondant butterflies and lady bugs sitting atop them. One of the cookies has a white fondant number one on it to indicate a first birthday. They are almost too pretty to eat.

The beautiful centerpiece on the center table is such a great idea for a garden party birthday. The cake is covered with green fondant and decorated to look like it is actually covered with grass. The white fondant plaque on the front of the cake is scored with the birthday girl’s name and fondant ladybugs strategically placed on two corners of the plaque. Sitting atop the cake like the queen of the party is a large red ladybug. To make this cake pop even more its platter sits atop a giant mushroom.

Just look at these wonderful cake pops. They are decorated in white and green fondant, with the green fondant resembling grass. Each cake pop has a friendly little visitor that is either a butterfly or a ladybug. The green and white “straws” serving has the cake pop sticks. So pretty!

By far my favorite piece of this garden party are the singing caterpillars made out of cake pops (minus the straws). Decorated in green fondant, each caterpillar has her mouth open for singing.

ladybug garden party ladybug garden party ladybug theme party

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