Nautical baby Shower Decorations and Party Favors


If you live by the sea and know that your baby is going to be spending time by the water, then there is no better theme for your baby shower than a nautical themed baby shower. The celebration for your little sailor is sure to be stylish with the many options availible to decorate. Time to raise the sails and start plannig your nautical baby shower.

Nautical Garland

Garland is essential to any party! This garland includes everything that your future sailor will need. The garland includes anchors, life rings, and ship wheels. The garland includes approximetly twelve inches of extra thread on each side which makes for easy hanging. You can use this piece to decorate a wall, party table, or as part of a photo back drop.

nautical garland
by BlueOakCreations

Nautical Themed Candy Bar Wrappers

It likely that most of your guests will love receiving a sweet treat such as chocolate. Add an extra special touch to your chocolate party favors with these candy wrappers. The wrappers are sold in sets of fifty-four and all you need to do is stick them onto your favorite candy bar. Each sticker measures approximately 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches. This means that the wrappers will fully cover most mini candy bars. The wrappers are also laser printed, so there is no need to worry about running or smudged ink. 

nautical candy bar wrappers
by Distinctive

Nautical Themed Handsanitizer Labels

If you would prefer to gift your guests with a party favor that is not food, these hand sanitizer labels will make the perfect addition to your party. The labels are deisgned to fit the new Bath and Body Works mini handsanitizers, however, the labels will fit on a variety of other objects. A customizible message will printed on each lable to give your party a personal touch. The label features a high resolution image of glitter and does not contain real glitter. The labels are sold in sets of thirty-five.

Nautical baby shower favors sanitizer
by WildSugarberries

Ahoy Centerpiece

Make your tables the talk of the party with this adorable nautical themed centerpiece. The centerpice includes laser cut nautical themed images. You will receive an anchor, sailboat, ship helm, lighthouse, and compass. Each piece measures approximately five inches tall. You could display these in  a tall jar or vase.

ahoy its a boy baby shower centerpiece
by DecorateYourBigDay

Nautical Party Straws

If you’re serving beverages, straws will be a wonderful attribute to your party! These straws feature red stripes and blue anchors. The straws measure approximately seven inches long and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The straws can be used for beverages or would make lovely sticks for cake pops. 

nautical baby shower decoration straws
By CreativeJuiceCafe



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