Sparkles And Roses Baby Shower


When it comes to celebrating new life, this Sparkles And Roses Baby Shower offered a perfect combination of diamonds and roses, giving a delicate and elegant styling to spoil a special mom-to-be.

The venue was extravagantly decorated by the skillful My Little Angel Decorations.  Using a charming and classic look by blending diamonds and roses, the theme for this sweet shower was quite lovely.  The dessert table was fantastically displayed underneath a layering of sheer white cloth, making it a centerpiece to the whole room.

The table had a glass surface and was set on a stage covered in a pink cloth full of rosettes, giving dimension to the charming look.

At the back of this table a gorgeous, aged mirror was set in the center with massive white flowers covering the top corner. To each side of this mirror tall, thin, chandelier candle holders were used as vases and filled with delicate pink blooms stood out beautifully. Underneath the table a cute little rocking horse made a lovely decoration alongside two vintage style glasses.

Other fantastic elements used to give this party a unique and elegant vibe included a sweet pink princess carriage, wired cage style, that held pink and white roses.  Large candle holders had shimmering diamond appeal too. Throughout the table sparkly dishes were used to hold treats in sophistication.  A lovely miniature mannequin wore a sweet pink tutu and was placed at the back of the table. A small, vintage hand mirror made a fantastic addition to this table as well.

The desserts made for the party were all perfectly frosted to blend with the theme, cake pops had adorable little pink bows and dresses frosted right on top.  Large sugar cookies shaped into bows and dresses were even styled with adorable diamonds.  The cake was exquisite with a bottom layer covered in rosettes and a giant flower on top.

sparkles-and-roses-baby-shower-chair sparkles-and-roses-baby-shower-cookies sparkles-and-roses-baby-shower-doll sparkles-and-roses-baby-shower-flowers-mirror sparkles-and-roses-baby-shower-hand-mirror

Credits –

My Little Angel Decorations

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