Simple Favor Ideas

Simple Baby Shower Favor Ideas:
Baby shower favors are little gifts (purchased or handmade) or food gifts given to guests as a small thank you for taking part in the celebration in welcoming the newborn. Most common ways are by giving it during the baby shower games to the winner/s and at the end of the party to all the guests whether they won or lost the game. This is a growing trend in the world of baby shower parties. Although there are lots of gift favor ideas that you can find in the market today, it is still best if you take some time and create something that your guests will keep and reminisce the time when they join you in welcoming your newborn. Below are some baby shower favor ideas that you might like.
A Simple and Affordable Baby Shower Favor Idea: 
You can purchase small baby items like cloth nappies, baby socks, and small baby bottle then fill these with sweets such as candies, chocolates, mints, Jordan almond candies, jelly beans or anything that you have in mind and then tie it with a beautiful ribbon around the top.
Cookies with different shapes
Simple Baby Shower Favor Ideas - Cookies

If you have talent in baking cookies and have the ability to make different shapes out of it, then why not consider this as your baby shower favors. You can create shapes of rattles, teddy bears, bottles, a pram and onesies, decorate them and place them in small and attractive cello or organza bags and tie it with cute little ribbon. Otherwise, you can purchase cookie cutters to save you the trouble of shaping. This personalized and simple creation would make a lovely gift with less cost.

If baking is not your forte, you could purchase cookie cutters, then tie a cute ribbon along with your favourite recipe.


All women love candles so why not purchase some candles with relaxing scent. This is a good gift favor especially for those who are fun of collecting candles. Choose the candles with good scent and possible a color that matches your theme and tie a ribbon around the candles. Make you own small labels with a short message such as ”Kate’s Baby Shower” and hole punch a corner and put it through the ribbon for a personalized effect. This is definitely a relaxing gift form mums.

Bath Items
Since most of your guests are women and the majority of them are mums or mums to be, giving them bath items as baby shower favors is a good idea. You can purchase some items that mums can use or you can also purchase some baby items. Baby soap, moisturizer, shampoo, washcloth, towels are some great ideas.


Coffee Mugs and Plants

If you have the talent in gardening and art then you can consider this baby shower favor. You can purchase coffee mugs and place the plant in the mug. This will look nice and if in case the plant died you can still use the mug. You can also try giving flowers placed in a wine glass. Use your imaginations and focus on what most moms love.