Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party Ideas by Liliani of Lima Limao. For those who are expecting the most special princess, there is a shower theme just for you! Although pretty in pink has been done many times in many different themes, nothing is more elegant than the princess tea party theme, in pink, with a finer touch – fine crystal and china. The whole event takes on a more refined and expensive air; it also creates an event that is breathtaking!

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From the finely wrapped lace and ribbon party favors, to the delicate look and feel of the main attraction, everyone in attendance is sure to remember the “little princesses” exquisite arrival tea party. From the dessert table, we have a cake that is creatively wrapped in a pink ribbon and crystal glasses that reflect elegance. All the surrounding area compliments the focus, the cake. As you gaze around the table, your guests will stop and stare in awe at the muted pink and fine china – a sure way to convey the “special” feel of the importance of your new arrival.

Baby’s breath, pink mints, candles, and pink daisies complete the awe-inspiring center of the table ensemble – all of these elements come together creatively, and with flair.

Lima Limao has a etsy shop if you are interested in some of the decorations here, you might be able to find it at her shop. Please check it out!

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