Sesame Street Baby Shower

Sesame Street Baby Shower by Rena of by Sugarena : Candy Buffet Stylist

A baby’s first month birthday party is a special event for the mom as much as it is for the child! It is after all, their first party! It must be fun, happy and full of smiles and love! The theme Rena chose for her son, Varian’s first month baby shower completely reflects this idea! It is a wonderful Sesame Street – Themed Sweets Buffet full of sweets for anyone and everyone to savour or share! Sesame Street can bring those sweet memories of childhood, carefree and happy living, where the characters would teach us to count, to spell, about human emotions and prepare us for the adult world! Not only is this theme filled with tenderness and affection, but sweet nostalgia, as these are the memories that every parent wants to pass on and share with their own children!

Sesame Street Baby Shower

The colourful palette of glistening candies and sweet delights excites the eye and appeals to appetite! Wonderful cupcakes with Sesame Street’s characters’ mini figurines, cute marshmallow pops with their funny faces, as well as the mini chocolate treats all look bright and appealing! The colour scheme and the decorations add up to the festive energy of the party dessert table. And what a brilliant idea to have the Cookie Monster on the package of actual Oreo cookies! You can see that the stylist pays great attention to detail, as everything is perfectly set and prepared to convey the atmosphere of joy and celebration, as baby Varian Ling turns one month old!

This party transforms you into the Sesame, or better yet- Varian Street, where the trees are made of chocolate, trash cans are edible, cheese and small treats are wrapped in funky playful puppets, balloons are smiling, cupcakes are coming to live, everyone is having a great time and enjoying the party!

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