Popular First Birthday Themes and Ideas for a Girl!

It’s time to go extremely mushy so prepare to taste a double shot of cuteness when organizing a baby girl’s first birthday party. There are so many ideas that it’s hard to decide which one will bring the best smile on your little princess. Although some parents decide to skip first celebration with a small gathering considering their child too small for birthday parties on the other side however, some of them are making pure art out of the actual party, pleasing their little wonder and guests with masterpiece theme-decorations looking as they were just taken out of a fairy tale.

Popular First Birthday Themes and Ideas for a Girl

First Birthday Themes

Minnie Mouse loves First Birthday Parties

Yes she does! Minnie is one of the jolliest hosts that you can join forces with to set an adorable first birthday party. The Minnie Mouse theme is very flexible inviting you to a creative session around the cutest girl mouse. A pink, “Minnie dot ted” wallpaper will change the atmosphere immediately along with some styling items like banners, pompoms, matching plates and glasses giving an inspirational flavor to the entire background. Pale pink curtains and tablecloths are also good accessories perfectly framing the matching Minnie Mouse cupcakes and raspberry drinks.

first birthday pink minnie mouse theme
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Go Underwater with Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid is another fairy tale character that loves birthday parties, she is a skillful guide to the underwater world where she enchanters all the aquatic creatures with her talented voice. This is a lovely theme for a summer first birthday party. Setting up for an outdoor party is much more authentic so you can use the aqua props (shells, sea stars, fish) outside in the garden or by the pool. Ariel will be happy to feature the invitations and the cake of course.

Go Underwater with Little Mermaid
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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

How about a star birthday party for your own little star. With this theme a ceiling full of pale pink and pale yellow stars will take your guests out in the clouds where everything glows. Pepper up the atmosphere with some star balloons and banners and garnish the table with cookies and milk based drinks that are fitting the theme perfectly. Stars are also good friends for playing games. For example Star Twister is a nice idea that can be adapted for little kids.

pink and gold twinkle twinkle little star theme
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Festival of Colors for your Little Girl!

Rainbow themed first birthday parties are nice ideas because kids love colors. Besides rainbow cakes and drinks you can launch a nice call for your guests, written right on the invitation to come dressed in their favorite color of the rainbow. Be careful with your decorations as the room will be already splashed by your colorful guests. Some wool fluffy clouds are more glamorous plus some flower bouquets will go better with the lively attendance.

fairy rainbow first birthdfay
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Dancing Ballerina

Who knows, maybe one day she will be a ballerina, until then, a themed birthday party is the perfect substitute. First of all little girls are adorable in their cute fluffy tutu so why not use this occasion to give your daughter her first tutu. This theme requires large amounts of tulle but don’t worry because it’s not very expensive. Use the tulle to decorate the room, the table and most importantly use it to create a personalized tutu for the little ballerina. Feather pompom would be great for a glamorous scenery but if you can’t find some, normal pompoms are perfectly fine. Alternate colors between pink and white so if you go for pink decorations the food goes with white and vice versa so this way everything will be balanced.

first birthday ballerina theme
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