Sprinkled with Love Celebration


Sprinkled with Love Celebration by My Little Angel Decorations:

This beautiful Sprinkled with Love Celebration was planned by My Little Angel Decorations. The party was filled with pretty pastel colors and flowers.

The dessert table was incredibly unique. The cake was hanging from the ceiling to give the appearance that is was floating on a cloud made from balloons. To the side of the cake, gold pedestals held delicious treats such as doughnuts and cookies. 

The background of the dessert table was beautiful! Purple, blue, and white balloons created a curtain around the dessert area. The colored balloons even had a metallic shine. Behind the floating cake was a white background filled with pastel colored hearts. 

The guest tables were adorable! The tables and chairs were covered with white and included pink accents. Pink flower arrangements were topped with life-size pink umbrellas, complete with pink ruffles and topped with realistic looking butterflies. Some of the umbrellas even featured paper raindrops handing from the inside. How adorable! 


amazing-floating-cake cute-cotton-cloud-decor floating-on-cloud-baby-shower-cake guest-table-setup sprinkled-with-love-baby-shower-table-setup sprinkled-with-love-celebration-cloud-cookies-and-decors sprinkled-with-love-celebration-table-setting sprinkled-with-love-celebration umbrella-centerpiece white-balloon-cloud-backdrop

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