Pink And Gray Elephant Baby Shower


My Little Angel Decorations were the masterminds behind this adorable Pink And Gray Elephant Baby Shower. The soft pastel pink color blended sweetly with the gray tones of the decor to give this venue a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The focal point of this party was definitely the dessert area, which was beautifully arranged.  At this section, a large throne-like chair sat to the side for the special mom to be to relax on.  The chair was decorated with a cute bouquet of colorful balloons and flowers. To bring this chair into the theme, a massive arrangement of matching balloons hung right over the dessert table in fun fashion.

A sweet backdrop for this sweet elephant baby shower party was created with a large elephant and cute pink flowers. This artwork matched an adorable stuffed elephant that stood at the back of the table, both had a pretty pink bloom right over their ear. With long, pink, sheer curtains drawn back, this section had a sweet style. The treat table featured a gorgeous pink, textured cover that draped elegantly to the floor.

The desserts were delightful, some with elephant toppers and others decorated with soft pink flowers.  Towers of treats doubled as decor with their light pastel tones.  A tall tiered cake was set to the side, each layer a different color and all frosted in lovely textured styles.  This cake had a lovely elephant at the top to match the theme perfectly.

Both real and paper flowers acted as fantastic fillers on this table, all in tones to complement the theme. Sugar cookies were even shaped like miniature elephants and were frosted in adorable detail. These cookies sat on flat trays that had mirrored bottoms to add to the elegance of the decor. The trays were framed in rosettes too. From top to bottom, this elephant themed celebration was stunning.


pink-and-gray-elephant-baby-shower-balloons pink-and-gray-elephant-baby-shower-cake pink-and-gray-elephant-baby-shower-cakepops pink-and-gray-elephant-baby-shower-candy pink-and-gray-elephant-baby-shower-desserts
pink-and-gray-elephant-baby-shower-flower-toppers pink-and-gray-elephant-baby-shower-paper-flower pink-and-gray-elephant-baby-shower-pastel-backdrop pink-and-gray-elephant-baby-shower-pastel-flowers pink-and-gray-elephant-baby-shower-pastel-theme pink-and-gray-elephant-baby-shower-stuffed-toy pink-and-gray-elephant-baby-shower-treat-towers pink-and-gray-elephant-baby-shower-vip-chair


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