Sweet Tea Time Baby Shower

Nicole with Nicole Paulson Photography captured this gorgeous Tea Time Baby Shower perfectly.  With elegance and sweet soft colors, this shower offered a cozy way for mom-to-be to be celebrated.

The Crown & Crumpet Tea Room was used for the venue which was absolutely fantastic.  With a genuine tea-like environment, the theme was well displayed. The room had a light, vintage feel that was sure to impress the guests.  The shelves of jars and beautiful pictures were absolutely charming.

pot of flowers

The tea table was set up in one long row, ensuring that the guests would be close together and comfortable.  The chair at the head of the table was a fantastic antique looking seat, upholstered in a lovely fashion that was sure to keep mom-to-be comfy as she ate. Everyone else had pretty wooden chairs with bright padded seats to sit on while they ate.  The table was decorated with perfection.  A gigantic bird with a basket stood in the center in magnificent pastels.  Small florals arrangements were spread farther down the table, with lovely pinks and oranges. Personalized menus were made making it easy for guests to know what treats were available.

A wide arrangement of snacks and treats were laid-out on a variety of trays and jars that added depth and variety to the venue area.  Mixed in with adorable decorations like rabbits and mice, the food area was divine and unique. At the beverage area, a fantastic ice water pitcher was used to hold more elegant flowers.

The cake at this Tea Party was elegant and sophisticated.  Two layers of dreamy deliciousness decorated to perfection. It was topped with a wonderful centerpiece that was certain to please the guests.  This wonderful party was definitely one-of-a-kind, creating a pleasant atmosphere with sweet treats and phenomenal decorations.

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Nicole Paulson Photography  and blog

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