Vintage White Baby Shower with Rocking Horse

Vintage Rocking Horse Baby Shower Decorations

With expert details, this Vintage White Baby Shower featuring stunning wooden rocky horse was one to remember forever. Barbara Greene Events used a lovely combination of gorgeous colors and decor to present a magical venue for mom-to-be to enjoy her celebration.

Vintage Rocking horse Baby Shower

The cake table was a beautiful display of both artistic stylings and scrumptious treats for guests to enjoy.  The backdrop created for the party was bright white and had wonderful texturing, making the table look warm and inviting. With vibrant natural lighting coming into the venue area, this table was perfectly bright.

Vintage White Baby Shower decoration, bicycle

A gorgeous neutral toned cloth was used to give the table a sweet base to set all of the fantastic items on it. Warm colors were displayed all across, giving this table that vintage feeling that is so fun and elegant.  Tasty milk balls were set on detailed pedestal trays making it easy to reach for them.  Strawberry trifles in adorable little square containers were set on a wonderful tray that was also squared, creating a neat effect.  Another sweet treat were powdered sugar donuts that were cleverly placed in a neat tall, clear holder, making it simple to see them.

Vintage White Baby Shower decoration, teddy and baby shoes

As a centerpiece to the table a wooden carved vintage horse was used, a perfect combination of exquisite detailing and deep color, making it an ideal attention grabber. It was set carefully on a stand that was decorated with a sweet round of baby’s breath adding a bit of a natural touch.  Another fantastic addition to the decor were personalized burned blocks, as a children’s classic, they definitely added to the vintage vibe. Right in front of them, adorable little stick pencils were placed in a fun pile. A darling vintage bonnet was set on the end of the table in front of a cute little bear, ensuring that everyone knew that this gathering was a celebration of mom and her little one to come.

Credits – Barbara Greene Events

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