A Star is born Hollywood Baby Shower Ideas

A Star is born Hollywood Baby Shower Ideas
A Star is born Hollywood Baby Shower Ideas dessert table
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When looking to create a unique and fantastic baby shower, look no farther than a star is born hollywood theme.  Let your mom-to-be and baby, be stars for a day and watch as a lifetime of memories are made through the many different options you have available for celebrating in style.




A star is born Hollywood theme is such an icon that it makes a wonderful idea for a glam and elegant event to really spoil Mom-to-be.  Using a mix of bold colors like gold, red and black you can easily provide a unique party that can celebrate any baby gender nicely. Invitations for a Hollywood event need to make a huge statement so choose a large, flashy font and loud patterns that combine all the colors that you choose for your palette.  Using stars or film art, your guests can easily figure out what the theme is.

A Star is born Hollywood Baby Shower Ideas tableware

Decoration Ideas

For this theme you can make a multitude of decorations that can fill your party space, ensuring that the guests are blown away by the detailing.  With all sorts of DIY options like, creating your own Hollywood walk of fame to lead mom to her master seat, incorporating stars and film throughout the venue will really give a complete look for the theme.  Balloons are a wonderful way to fill a room up on a budget, and you can use all kinds of colors to enhance your theme nicely.  Gold glitter and confetti will add a glamour to all of the tables that make for perfect photos.

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Food Ideas

The food options for a glamorous Hollywood party can look phenomenal and still be easy to make.  Using finger foods like mini-hot dogs, stood upright with bow ties, you can give an Oscar effect with guest favorites.  Little boxes of popcorn topped with film art can create a fun look.  Make sure the the table cover is a bold color like red, it will make the table stand out fantastically. A unique and brilliant way to make your dessert table a showstopper would be to cover a tiered cake in gold frosting, even adding shimmer/glitter to it and topping it with an Oscar replica, or stars on sticks. Beverages should be very sophisticated like sparkling soda, or champagne..

A Star is Born Favors

Take home gifts for such a glamorous Hollywood Baby Shower party can be as simple as star-shaped cookies frosted in gold and wrapped individually for each guest, or you can go all out and create your own personalized Red carpet Hollywood chocolate bars using bar wrapper templates!


Game & Activity Ideas

A fun activity that you can do to entertain and involve the guests would be to make your own Oscar ceremony with little miniatures as prizes for different categories like “Fastest Bottle Drinker” using baby milk bottles, and “Most Accurate Baby Food Guesser.” This is a simple DIY option that can give everyone a definite memory for the books!

For a lasting way to remember this event and to pass something on to baby that they can cherish, using a large sign in book for guests to write down their advice and wishes that has been decorated in glitter glue makes a fantastic keepsake.


free advice mommy to be card
free advice mommy to be card



hollywood themed baby shower games and activities

hollywood themed baby shower games

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