Glam Baby Shower

With a smooth arrangement of colors and stunning details, this  Glam baby shower was a one-of-a-kind get together. Designed by Nicole from Toasted Parties, there were all sorts of elements that blended sophistication and fun in one wonderful venue.

hey baby hey baby baby shower

Using gold, black, white and pink, the colors for the theme were a fantastic mash-up and were incorporated nicely into each bit of decor. The treat table stood out dramatically with a DIY’d backdrop that was very glamorous. It had black and white stripes painted on a square that smoothly surrounded a vivacious heart of golden strips giving a textured look.

The table used to hold the treats was an elegant wooden wonder stained a dark tone that made a sophisticated stage for the edibles to sit on. Two runners were placed vertically down each side for dramatic effect, each was a fantastic golden tone.

A variety of patterned looks were all incorporated into the event, giving a wonderful effect that was sure to impress.  From the stripes on the backdrop to the diagonal stripes on a tray of tasty cake pops and hearts filling the delicious cake, everywhere you looked was a touch of excitement.

The beverages were designed to match the theme, glasses had shimmery golden bottoms and the bottles of drinks were sprayed with gold and silver, adding to the sophisticated appearance. Fun black and white striped straws were used as well as stirring sticks with adorable balls of fluff on the ends.

The thank you gift was set-up in a unique fashion at an individual table with a personalized sign encouraging everyone to fill up their bottle to take home. A vase with lovely white flowers stood as a centerpiece to this table adding a touch of beauty.

Credits –

Party decor, party supplies, styling and DIY – Nicci Dewez of Toasted Parties –

Heart cake, heart cookies, mini cupcakes and glitter donuts – Sweets Co.

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