Airport Theme Party

Aeronautical Enchantment!

This delightful airport theme party by Suzie of Project Party Perfect  would bring joy to any adventurous spirit! Topped with a white fondant-wrapped cake, the adorable three-tiered “landing pad” serves up mini cupcakes topped in teal and gold sprinkles. A fondant airplane cutout on the cake trails a “Happy Birthday” sign through whimsical fondant clouds. Paper fold-out fans reminiscent of propellers decorate the base of the cake stand, which is flanked by a pair of puffy cloud topiaries sporting several more brightly colored airplanes. A backdrop of sky with crepe paper pom-pom clouds adds a final touch of wild, blue yonder to this fun and imaginative theme party.

Airport Theme Party ideas

The creative décor is not the only attraction designed to rouse guests to flights of fancy. Charming signage helps bring this cute theme to new heights. Party treats are served up in the “food court” and pilot badges are issues in the “pilot’s lounge.” Goody bags are also available from the “baggage claim” area, of course. Party-goers also get to paint a wooden airplane to take home.

Overall, this theme idea succeeds in being entirely endearing. One clever trick is the interspersing of maps throughout the decorations, which provides subtle enrichment of the design scheme. Stringing paper circles cut from maps as well as from polka dotted and striped paper effectively evokes strings of runway lights without any need for an electric outlet. With these great ideas, you could try making a dining room airport just as lively as this. Perfect for birthday parties and baby showers!


Decorations – Project Party Perfect

Photography – Leah Minium

Cake – Love ‘Em Sweet

Airport Theme Party ideas birthday party and baby shower ideas Airport Theme Party ideas birthday party and baby shower ideas


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