Blue Green Under The Sea Baby Shower


This Blue Green Under The Sea Baby Shower was a vision in pastels, the entire venue decorated gorgeously with purple, teal and gold. With the expertise of Aura Decorations this adorable theme was both tasteful and elegant.

The dessert table was fantastically accented with a backdrop of flowing sheer fabrics in teal, purple and white. With layers draped together, the fabric had a curtain styling.  At the center a lovely shimmering backdrop of marbled tones gave a sealike look and had a golden mermaid silhouette along with some fish to introduce the theme spectacularly. At the back of the table two very tall golden stands held seated golden mermaids that went perfectly with the backdrop.

The dessert table itself was wrapped in curling teal strands of fabric, giving a fantastic textured effect. A golden top on the table made an elegant stage for the desserts and it had cute teal starfish spread throughout the decor to add a fun bit of color. The treats were all placed on golden trays that were lovely.  Each dessert option was pristinely decorated to match the theme with adorable little details like seashells and seahorses.  Sugar cookies, chocolate covered apples and even cupcakes waited to be tried out. Three cakes made a stunning centerpiece to the table, two mini’s on the sides of the tiered one and decorated brilliantly.  Tiny clam shell toppers were put on each of the cakes with little mermaids in the center. The tiered cake was an exceptionally detailed undersea adventure just waiting to be nibbled on.

The sides of this table had golden tables with adorable white, ceramic seahorses.  A lovely massive white chair framed in gold was set to the side of the table as a special vip section for this sweet mom-to-be too, adding to the elegant decor perfectly.

blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-cakepops blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-chocolate-covered-apple blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-desserts blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-flower-decor blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-golden-decorations blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-golden-table blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-guest-tables blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-miniature-cake blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-pastel-cake blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-seahorse-decor blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-sugar-cookie blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-tail-decoration blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-throne blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-tiered-cake blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-treats blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-water-backdrop


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