Circus Carnival Baby Shower

Owlie Powlie definitely knows how to make an exciting extravaganza and this Circus Carnival Baby Shower is a perfect example of how they can put together creativity and fun!

For a backdrop to the marvelous snack table a soft blue base was chosen, making the perfect stage to showcase all the brilliant carnival colors that covered it.  With yellows, reds, greens and blues, an adorable flag banner was hung to welcome all of the guests to the party, each one with a fun striped pattern.  Massive tissue flowers accented the banner on each side, drawing attention easily.

circus-carnival-baby-shower decoration ideas dessert tablescape

The table was covered in orange with another fantastic banner draped across the front, really adding to the carnival vibe.  There were an assortment of adorable little circus cut-outs for the guests to enjoy checking out as they grabbed a delicious snack.  The cupcakes made for the party match the theme spectacularly with a range of bold colors that were certain to please. Set in cute little circus cups, they made a perfect addition to this fantastic party. The cake was fabulous too, frosted in vibrant yellow and topped with circus animals!

Other fun additions to this event included a fantastic photo booth where guests could get photos of memories that in print that would last a lifetime.  With all sorts of fun dress up looks like mustaches and glasses, this booth was a goofy and fun addition to the carnival. No shower is really complete without an exciting game of Bingo and this one had cards that matched the Carnival theme smoothly.

From the water bottles to the silverware wraps, there were personalized touches galore at this event, ensuring that it was a one-of-a-kind experience for mom-to-be.

Credits – Owlie Powlie

circus-carnival-baby-shower banner circus-carnival-baby-shower cake circus-carnival-baby-shower cookies food labels circus-carnival-baby-shower cupcakes circus-carnival-baby-shower decoration ideas circus-carnival-baby-shower games circus-carnival-baby-shower invitation circus-carnival-baby-shower main table circus-carnival-baby-shower napkin wrappers circus-carnival-baby-shower photo booth props circus-carnival-baby-shower sign circus-carnival-baby-shower straw toppers circus-carnival-baby-shower thank you cards circus-carnival-baby-shower

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