Peter Rabbit Baby Shower Ideas

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The Tales of Peter Rabbit is a classic childhood story that never loses its magic—so what better theme for a baby shower? Nothing captures the sweetness of a new baby quite like little Peter Rabbit; not to mention just how precious the decorations, food, and favors will be! Get your little rabbit invitations hopping out to your guests to start the excitement for this one of a kind event!


A Peter Rabbit baby shower should be full of greenery and floral goodness, so break out the lushest, leafy plants and beautiful buds of wildflowers for the party’s decorations. Centerpieces of white daisies and yellow tulips pair beautifully with large ferns and sprigs of baby’s breath in between. Long twig bunches strung with fairy string lights look gorgeous in entryways and doorways, while dried flowers in metallic or pastel spray painted mason jars smell and look equally sweet. Burlap bows serve as cute chair accents, and of course, you can never have too many decorations of adorable bunnies! Rope of banners that spell out the new baby’s name and lace garlands of baby cartoon bunnies all around the venue space. Post of cute quotes from the Peter Rabbit stories, and have a chalkboard wall up for guests to sign well wishes to the new parents.

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Brunch-type food is the best bet for the baby shower, so think breads like banana or blueberry, granola with yogurt, and options for bagels and spreads. You can even set up a 100% fresh and organic literal produce garden array with ready-to-eat carrots, berries, and greens. A bunny-shaped diaper cake is always a great idea, along with an actual real sheet cake with the image of a scene from the Peter Rabbit story. Cakepops in the shape of little bunny heads and cotton candy posed as “bunny tails” are fabulous additions to the dessert set up. And whether the party is during the hot or cold season, set up a DIY hot or cold chocolate milk station for guests to create scrumptious sweet drinks!


Guest favors can be as classic or as unique as you wish—and you can even incorporate activities in with them. Remember the idea for the literal garden as part of your food setup? Well, make this work for your favor and guest activity idea, too! Have a planting station ready to go with personalized potting aprons and gloves for guests to pot their very own mini produce garden to take home with them. In a sense, those plants will grow as the new baby grows! It’s a special favor, a delightful activity, and will be something the guests take home with them to always remember this special baby shower.


It’s also a fantastic idea to have guests bring their favorite storybook with personal messages written inside to give to the mommy-to-be. This ties in with the Peter Rabbit baby shower theme and helps to build the baby-to-be’s new childhood library, too!

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