DIY How to Put a Balloon inside a Balloon!

Balloon Decoration

It never came across my mind that putting a balloon inside another balloon was even possible until I saw this photo of a party that I published last month. It was a Mickey Mouse Party by Olivia of Invento Festa. Olivia used a clear helium quality balloons. What an amazing ideas don’t you think!

DIY How to Put a Balloon inside a Balloon

So, yes, of course, I went on youtube straightway, my favorite channel for all the “how to do stuff”. I needed to find out how it was possible! Many of the tutorials used an air pump which I didn’t have at home, so I kept searching until I came across this video below that didn’t require a pump! Hooray! He used only two plain balloons! So here is the video of “how to put a balloon inside a balloon’ by MrErikZilla via

Balloon inside a Balloon Video

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