Elegant Pastel French Patisserie Baby Shower


This Elegant Pastel French Patisserie Baby Shower was beautifully arranged by Fresh Minds Events, whose attention to detail ensured a lovely gathering that everyone would enjoy, especially a wonderful mom-to-be.

Using delightful light colors in a venue full of windows for abundant natural lighting, every decoration at this party had a fresh and elegant look. From soft pinks and yellows to blues and greens, the range of tones made this room look gorgeous.

A fantastic white cart was used to display the desserts with a top broadcasted baby’s name in golden letters. The cart had all sorts of cubbies to hold the range of treats at differing levels, so everything was simple to reach and checkout. All of the tasty snacks had sweet golden labels so there was no question about what there was to eat. From cupcakes to perfectly frosted sugar cookies, this cart held something for everyone. The floor beneath the cart was also decorated to match this elegant theme with varying sizes of paper balls in white and pink.  A giant polka dot box made a lovely stand for a white bird cage and other little decorations. Each side of the cart was accented with a gigantic pink balloon tied with a matching pink ribbon.

The cake for the party was perfectly divine in two different light tones that stood out in an elegant manner. The top of the cake even had a yummy looking edible bow.

In addition to a large choice of sweets, an entire buffet was set up with hearty salads and other delicious items for the visitors to enjoy.  This table was arranged wonderfully with bright veggies and little bouquets of flowers that added a cute touch.  Coolers stood at the back of the table with netting spread over them, giving the table a fantastic natural feel.

Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Buffet-Table Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Cookies Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Cupcakes Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Dessert-Table Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Dinner-Table Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Floral-Boxes Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Floral-Pastels-Decor - Copy Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Flower-Decor Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Flower-Decorations Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Fresh-Veggies Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Fruit Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Gifts Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Guest-Gifts Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Macaron-Decor Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Macaron-Pastels Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Muffins Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Pastel-Flowers Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Pastel-Treats Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Snacks Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Sugar-Cookies Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Sweets-Decor Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Table-Decor Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Treats-Decor Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Treats-Table Elegant-Pastel-French-Patisserie-Baby-Shower-Treat-Table

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Fresh Minds Events

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