Gold and Pink Princess Baby Shower


Using their stunning eye for detail, Bee Unike Events put together a charming Gold and Pink Princess Baby Shower for a very special mom-to-be. 

This party had a royal vibe with elegant details that blended together beautifully. The dessert table was a vision with a backdrop of sheer curtains flowing from ceiling to floor, in fact, they were even draped from the ceiling! A massive golden crown hung over the table with swatches of fabric swept to each side, giving the entire table a charming look. 

To really celebrate all of the vips for this event a cake was made for each one!  Mom’s and Dad’s were on each side of baby-to-be’s, all frosted in a soft pink and textured to look like a soft cushion! The cakes all had golden crowns, advertising this theme in royal style.  They were set on vintage golden cake trays. 

On the side of this delectable table a large, throne-like chair with a golden frame made a perfect sitting spot! The other side of the table had a smaller stand with a large bouquet of flowers and two gold crowns.  Both the dessert and side table had matching pink covers with a textured style. 

Guest tables were set up in a simple, yet elegant way.  Each one had chairs covered in white with pink sashes around the tops.  Golden chargers on white table cloths gave a sweetly royal style. The center of each table had a miniature gold pedestal with a pillow and crown on top, creating a lovely effect. 

As a custom decoration, a side table with another pink cover showcased beautiful framed pictures of baby-to-be and their parents.  These were set around a large golden frame that advertised this special event in personalized style. Even the floor added to the theme with a soft, thick, white rug. 


gold-and-pink-princess-baby-shower-cake gold-and-pink-princess-baby-shower-cakes gold-and-pink-princess-baby-shower-carriage gold-and-pink-princess-baby-shower-chair gold-and-pink-princess-baby-shower-crowns gold-and-pink-princess-baby-shower-desserts gold-and-pink-princess-baby-shower-dessert-table gold-and-pink-princess-baby-shower-framed-art gold-and-pink-princess-baby-shower-guest-seating




Planning/design - Bee Unike Events



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