Peter Rabbit Birthday Party

Peter Rabbit Birthday party by Daniela from The Little Soiree.

Daniela put together a wonderful combination of elegance and detail for a first birthday party that I think would make a great idea for a baby shower as well!

She created a unique blend of pastels that looked lovely with the outside location of the party. The treat table was a phenomenal; the base was actually a flat of grass that created a genuine format for the Peter Rabbit theme.

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The cake at this party was very unique, a sweet spring hat topped with Peter Rabbit himself. It was set on a lovely cake tray and had garden tools set right beside it, really selling the theme.

There were other wonderful decorations, like the watering pot that was set inconspicuously behind some delicious looking cupcakes that were frosted in blue and put in fun little polka dot holders.

With personalized candy bars in light blue paper that matched the theme’s colors perfectly, this table had everything you could want in a treat showcase. There was even blue and white rock candy in a clear jar that looked yummy.  As an added delicious touch, there were jars of honeycomb chocolates and coconut kisses as well.

One vibrantly colored item that decorated this party well was a white pail of bright red apples. They really stood out among the elegant pastels of the other decorations.

The thank you gifts for coming to this wonderful party were caramel apples that were wrapped and tied off with pretty rope and personalized “thank-you” tags.

The invitations for this party were detailed to perfection with Peter Rabbit standing out in front and a personalized message printed on them in that delicate blue color that created such a relaxed mood for this party.  This one of a kind event was very lovely.

Credits –

Daniela from The Little Soiree

Photographer –  Laura of Laura Sheppard Photography

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