Little Girl Pumpkin Baby Shower

With soft pink and white colors and pumpkins as a spotlight, Mindy of Get Creative Juice got to host a gorgeous and unique Little Girl Pumpkin Baby Shower to remember.

The dessert table for the shower was a real treat with all sorts of fun elements that brought the theme to life.  A sweet backdrop flag banner was used to display “Little Pumpkin” for everyone to see. It was surrounded with white curtains that matched the theme tones smoothly.  One neat twist about the flag banner other than the fun patterns were the strings themselves that were beaded for a textured effect.

little pumpkin baby shower for girl

The table had a wonderful vintage cloth laid out that made a soft setting for the tasty treats that were laid-out. For decorations several pumpkins were colored white and pink to match the theme and placed in different places on the table to draw attention.  Two were set on a large box, giving a dimensional look. The box was covered in white and had an adorable bright pink band around the center.  Each large pumpkin had a fun personalized ribbon on it to add to the excitement of the Pumpkin theme.  Another cute addition to the table was personalized, framed artwork welcoming the baby-to-be.

The food itself looked amazing with each treat matching the theme in tasty fashion.  A tiered tray held little mini sandwiches without crusts.  On top of the tray a cute little mini pumpkin stood out.  Chocolate covered pretzels called out from right up front on the table with a cute little personalized tag. The true centerpiece to the entire table however was the gorgeous cake.  Made to look like the top of a bright pink pumpkin, this cake was very detailed and stood on a lovely clear cake tray.

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Host – Mindy of Get Creative Juice

Little Pumpkin Printable

White chocolate pumpkins were inspired by Kori from paper & pigtails

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