Mythical Mermaid Baby Shower


This extravagant, Mythical Mermaid Baby Shower was a brilliantly arranged event that was sure to spoil a special mom-to-be. With soft pink, blue and golden colors, the venue for the party was a world of elegant imagination.

Aura Decorations handled the decor at this event fantastically, every detail excellently executed ending in a celebration that was sure to be cherished by all who attended.

The guest seating was gorgeously laid out, each table had a pink cover with little squares that added texture to the design.  Gold chargers and golden framed table numbers gave an elegant touch and blue napkins made a sweet finishing touch to the place settings. Centerpieces overflowed with gorgeous pink, blue and golden flowers.  Even the chairs were matched to the theme, each decorated with a cute pink sash that matched the tablecloths.

This party was double the fun being a celebration of not one but two wonderful little ones on the way so the treat table advertised the twins in sweet fashion.  Two tall sea green cake stands held cake pops and adorable candied apples, surrounded a fantastic three layered cake that said, “Twins” right on it.  A fun, pink table covered with rosettes was used as a base for this dessert table.  Little golden trays held chocolates and other sweets for the guests to enjoy, each intricately detailed to match the theme to perfection.  Two tall vases of abundant flowers stood at the back of the table, giving a touch of natural beauty to the table.

A backdrop of fabrics created a lavish look behind the table that was pure elegance. Adorable little mermaid silhouettes on a blue, bubble background introduced the theme in a wonderful, imaginative way.

Mythical-Mermaid-Baby-Shower-Cake Mythical-Mermaid-Baby-Shower-Cookies Mythical-Mermaid-Baby-Shower-Decor Mythical-Mermaid-Baby-Shower-Desserts Mythical-Mermaid-Baby-Shower-Dessert-Table Mythical-Mermaid-Baby-Shower-Flowers Mythical-Mermaid-Baby-Shower-Guest-Seating Mythical-Mermaid-Baby-Shower-Little-Cake Mythical-Mermaid-Baby-Shower-Minicake Mythical-Mermaid-Baby-Shower-Treats

Credits –

Cake, cupcakes, and mini cakes by: Karina alcantara

Sweets by: Lenni uceta de Abreu

Flowers by: David Flores

Decorations by: Aura Decorations

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