Vintage Themed Baby Shower

Vintage Themed Baby Shower by Dinah of DIY Inspired.

What an inspiring baby shower in the back yard and it looked like a beautiful day for it. I loved the recycled jars bound with colored ribbons and paper flowers and some folded prints from the thrift store along with some colored wooden frames which looked really cute. The flowers looked good in the jam jars and made it an even more colorful scene. It’s amazing what can be done with simple things, toys, old books and some suitcases and folded prints. You create a kind of story and fabled fairy book environment for the children.

The colored cupcakes were surrounded with decorations including small socks and t-shirts attached with clothes pegs to the string. The whole gig was a testament to a determined inspiration to create a bright and beautiful occasion.

More beautiful photos available right HERE at DIY Inspired.

vintage themed baby shower vintage-baby-shower-decorations

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