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This magical and whimsical theme for a baby shower is sure to be a hit amongst your guests! Make your guests feel like they are under the sea with mermaid themed decorations.

Shimmering shells and bubbles will surely make an appearance at a mermaid themed baby shower. Blues, whites, purples, and pinks will also create a whimsical atmosphere. It is time to make some waves because there is a baby shower to plan! Below are a few ideas to get you started!

Mermaid Baby Shower Invites


Mermaid Baby Shower Decorations

Decorations for this mystical mermaid theme is so much fun to put together. From tassel garland of blue and green to mermaid tail balloons and transparent balloons resembling bubbles, you can really make your guests feel as though they are under the sea! Fish and seahorse garland, sparkly clear tablecloths, and accents of old wooden crates and anchors are all wonderful adornments to the party theme.

Mermaid Tail Balloon
By: SoireeLove
mermaid tassels
By: RepublicOfParty

Pin-up images of baby mermaids and even the Little Mermaid herself on blue, tissue paper lined walls and set up a backdrop welcoming the new baby to be with a wide assortment of cute sea creatures. Blue, green, and silver tinsel and table fringe add a magical flair while centerpieces of bowls of seashells and sand are extra gorgeous.




Mermaid Garland

This garland includes the perfect colors for a mermaid-themed party and has the appearance of bubbles under the sea. The garland is handmade and includes two different sized circles. The garland also includes the following color scheme: green, purple, and turquoise.

mermaid circle garlands
by TransparentEsDecor

The decoration can be ordered in five, ten, fifteen, or twenty feet depending on your decorating needs. The garland can also be ordered in different shapes and widths if desired. This piece is a sure way to transform your home into a colorful sea of tranquility.

Mermaid Tail Cupcake Toppers

These mermaid cupcake toppers are made from high-quality glitter card stock and will easily transform your plain cupcakes into whimsical creations. There are options to choose from twenty-seven different glitter colors. The toppers can be ordered with matching banners if desired.

Mermaid Tail Cupcake Toppers
Etsy via PaperLyss

Mermaid Baby Shower Food

Food can be equally as fun to put together as the décor for a mermaid themed baby shower. A multi-tiered cake in ombre blues with fondant bubbles and mermaids is a beautiful and happy center for the main event table. Top it off with a sugar clam filled with sugar pearls, or even a couple of bright sparklers.

Mermaid Fondant Edible Shells Favor Cake Cupcake Topper Beach Summer
Under The Sea Fondant Cupcake Edible Cake Toppers Mermaid Party

Fill a cupcake stand with an array of colorful miniature cupcakes with thick, wavy frosting and glitter sprinkles topped with editable themed toppers. Macaroons in pastel hues and bright candies in different-sized glass apothecary jars also bring a lovely look to the treat table.

mermaid baby shower food

Have candy bars with personalized baby mermaid wrappers for guests to take home or to enjoy there at the party, too. A beverage station of different colorful lemonades or a soda stream and a bubbly fruit punch can be unique and fun for the guests to enjoy.

Salt fares should be easy to grab and eat, but you can be creative here as well. Sandwiches in a shape of a fish or seashells (using shape cutters) or ham and cheese croissants with googly eye picks to make it look like a crab and an assortment of goldfish snack crackers in sea blue bowls are both easy to eat, and delightfully in sync with the theme of the baby shower.

Mermaid baby shower salty food Tablescape
By: MaxandEmsPartyShoppe via Etsy

Pregnant Mermaid Cake Topper

This beautiful cake topper is sure to be a conversation piece at your baby shower! This beauty has long flowing hair, a gorgeous mermaid tail and a round little belly of love with a cute heart shape cutout. It is made out of high-quality glitter cardstock, which sparkles from both views, front and back!

Pregnant Mermaid Cake Topper
By: LadadaDesigns
purple glitter pregnant mermaid
By: SweetSophiaToppers

Mermaid Baby Shower Games

And what would a baby shower be without fun activities for guests to enjoy? Baby bingo is always a great go-to, and new games such as under the sea mad libs or crafts such as DIY headband for the mom-to-be to keep for her little one are all fabulous ways to keep your guests interacting.

Baby Shower DIY Headband Making Kit

Mermaid Baby Shower Favors

Of course, you can’t forget to hand out fantastic favors that are just as magical as the theme itself. Mermaid wine charms, keychains and pens, and even goodie bags full of bathtime luxuries such as bath bomb soaps and scents.


This entire theme really offers a pretty ambiance, so you want to capture this with the party favors you send home with your guests, as you want them to always remember just what a joyous occasion it was.

CLAMSHELL Lollipops Beach Wedding Party Favors

Mermaid Soaps

These luxurious soaps are sure to make your guests happy! The mermaid tails are a combination of silver, purple and teal. Each tail is also covered in just the right amount of glitter which adds an extra special touch! The soaps are handcrafted and sold in sets of five. Because the soaps are handmade, every soap is one of a kind. Each soap has its own unique detail and design.

mermaid soap
By: BeKindBodyProducts

Free Mermaid Baby Shower Printable

Enjoy this free aqua mermaid baby shower printable by Magical Printable. The package includes most of the essentials to make decorating for the theme easier.

Mermaid Decoration and Favor Collection

Mermaid Baby Shower Collection

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