Ooh la la Parisian Baby Shower

Going glam with a Parisian baby shower is one fantastic way to celebrate a new life and a wonderful mom-to-be and Carmen Navarro Designs went all out on this one. With a bold black and white striped patterned fabric, the outdoor venue area made a glamorous statement that could be seen from a distance.

To introduce the party area, a gorgeous sign was created and set on a fabulous ornate black stand so everyone could see it coming in. With a draping of black and white stripes and a lovely Eiffel tower on the sign, the theme was clear.


The table had a stunning white cover in front that was full of flowery texturing that really made it stand out in full fashion. Attached to a neutral toned cloth that covered the table, this setting looked like it was straight out of a magazine. A chandelier was even perfectly placed to hang over the table giving a sophisticated vibe to the area.

Cute decorations were displayed through the area, lovely vintage lanterns added to the atmosphere with a classic bit of fun. Flowers were arranged perfectly in varying bouquet sizes to fill the table and surrounding area with color and life.

Elegant place settings were put together, offering a stylish way to enjoy the treats that were provided.

Strands of pearls and a variety of fantastic fabric like sheer lace was laid out in a relaxed way to create that Parisian feeling with an elegance that really radiated throughout the venue. Alphabet blocks were even used, and stacking rings, to add that sweet baby touch as a reminder of who the celebration was really about. There was even an adorable little chalk sign that said, “It’s a girl” so everyone would know. This little gathering was certainly one to remember.

Credits – Carmen Navarro Designs

black white striped Ooh la la Parisian Baby Shower decorations black white striped Ooh la la Parisian Baby Shower black-white-striped-Ooh-la-la-Parisian-Baby-Shower-chandelier black-white-striped-Ooh-la-la-Parisian-Baby-Shower-decoration black-white-striped-Ooh-la-la-Parisian-Baby-Shower-decoration-ideas black-white-striped-Ooh-la-la-Parisian-Baby-Shower-decorations black-white-striped-Ooh-la-la-Parisian-Baby-Shower-decorations-dessert-table black-white-striped-Ooh-la-la-Parisian-Baby-Shower-decorations-floral black-white-striped-Ooh-la-la-Parisian-Baby-Shower-decorations-paris-labeled-glass black-white-striped-Ooh-la-la-Parisian-Baby-Shower-decorations-table black-white-striped-Ooh-la-la-Parisian-Baby-Shower-decorations-welcome-sign parisian-black-stroller-decor


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