Once Upon A Time Shower

This ethereal Once Upon a Time Baby Shower was a vision of fairy tale wonder. Created by Starry Eyed Events, this celebration was full of soft pinks and white that really filled the room.

Using a shimmering sheer fabric, the backdrop for the treat table was idyllic in wonder, and centered right in front of the fantastic fabric was a giant sign saying, “Once Upon a Time” in a curly font that really set the mood for the whole party. A wonderful darker pink fabric was also draped over the top of the sign, creating a textured effect.


The front of the snack table was sweetly covered with a white cloth and the front was done in a wonderful purple tulle that softened the area and added a touch of color.

The table itself was chock full of fantastic details that made this party unique and magical.  Every dish and tray used added a glamour and sophistication that definitely enhanced the theme magnificently.  Crowns and tiaras shimmered and glitzed for everyone to enjoy checking out. There was even a fantastic framed work of art that declared “It’s a Princess”.

Adorable mini-cupcakes and regular sized as well filled a tiered tray that was covered in wonderful little crystal decor. The frosting was a lovely blend of pink and white and the wrappers even had adorable little crowns on them.

Each treat was nicely labeled with an elegant sign, so everyone could find what they wanted easily.

The cake was pure elegance,  topped with a glamorous tiara, making it the true centerpiece to the entire table. The cake was two layers of deliciousness tied with a wonderful, bold pink bow. Frosted in perfection, this treat was certainly a magical dessert, adding to the surreal beauty of the entire party.

Credits – Starry Eyed Events – www.starryeyedeventsd.com

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