Rainbow Art Baby Shower

Rainbow Art Baby Shower by Gretchen Postiglione of P.ink Creative.

The first thing that jumped out at me was all the colors. It was bright and airy. The food choices were very colorful as well as healthy. The food was made to be as elegant as they could be. The parfait in the wine glasses was so sophisticated. All the colors just blended together nicely. The veggie cups were cute and quaint. I loved that everything had color as it makes it so easy to let loose and have loads of fun!

Rainbow Art Baby Shower, rainbow lollipops

Another thing that I found so unique was the notes in the envelopes. This is something that touches the heart. Not only can you write a note to the mother but the baby as well. This is something that is priceless. The “color outside the box” sign takes you back to your childhood where the guests are able to revisit their childhood with the crafts as well as the sweet treats.

The unique creativeness of this baby shower is amazing. The flowers and other decorations play into everything else with all the colors. All the details from the food to the invitations had so much thought put into it. It was done so that the mother to-be could have her special day but that also the guests could feel special as well. This is for sure a baby shower that will be remembered for years to come. I would love to have a baby shower like this! It is fun, upbeat and priceless!

Credits –

P.Ink Creative | Custom Invitations and Event Styling

Photography – MollieWetta.com

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