Baby Blue and Silver Baptism


This blue and silver baptism was planned by Aura Decorations. The party was bursting with elegant decor!

The dessert table was fabulous! A large cake was displayed on a clear pedestal. The cake featured a classy white bottom tier and a baby blue top-tier. A sparkly silver topper displayed the name of the baby being celebrated. An ornate silver cross also decorated the top of cake. Two smaller cakes stood on either side of the larger cake. Both were decorated with silver crosses. Cupcakes were displayed on a unique silver pedestal that was filled with dangling crystals and crosses. Cookies were intricately frosted with silver decorations as well. A side table featured adorable miniature cakes that were topped with elegant white flowers and silver crosses.

The background of the dessert table was memorizing! A cascade of white and silver balloons were strung from top to bottom of white double doors. White floral arrangements were displayed throughout the dessert area. The dessert table was set on a soft white rug, which gave the room a heavenly appearance. Silver and white balloons were even stacked in one of the corners, giving the baptism a party-like feel. 

Event Planner: Aura Decorations
Cake: Santias
Cupcakes and mini cakes: Ilza Placencio
Sweets: Lenni Events
Flowers: David










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