Sprinkle Baby Shower

Designer Emily Henderson went all out with her very own sprinkle, setting the tone at her venue to match her little one’s mood board. Using an outdoor space, each element to the party was fun and light. The party area was gorgeously surrounded with fabulously green, tall bushes and trees that gave a cozy feeling.  Even the ground added to the party with concrete painted in a stylish way.

Sprinkle Baby Shower baby item station, activities

Blending light pinks and mossy greens, the atmosphere had a natural and soft approach that was sure to be enjoyed. A fantastically unique activity set-up at this event was a station for creating your own terrarium.  With a variety of fun plants and decorations, each guest would get a lasting reminder of the fun they had at this special celebration.

Another adorable area for the guests to explore their creativity was a Diy baby tem station where everyone could make a sweet little gift for the baby-to-be.  Laid-out with paintbrushes and baby clothes and other crafting supplies, this station was a wonderful addition to the sprinkle.

The outdoor venue used for the gathering was stunning. From the massive, green, wrap-around-couch to the hexagon styled table, sophistication and relaxation oozed through the entire area. The chairs went with the table perfectly with a neat wooden style. With adorable floral arrangements in pink, green and white, the theme was blended into everything together perfectly.

A delicious arrangement of sandwiches was laid-out for the guests to enjoy, each in a long row, making it easy to grab and go. They were adorned with beautiful sprigs of greenery to really make them pop. Fresh fruit juice was made for everyone to try, adding a bright color to the edibles.


Photography: Tessa Neustadt and Katie Edwards for Caravents
Venue: The Fig House
Design And Styling: Emily Henderson | Original Blog Post
Food: Room Forty Catering
Produced by: Target and Caravents

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