Who to Invite to a Baby Shower

Who to Invite to a Baby Shower – The Things You Need to Know

Traditionally, baby shower is an all female event, but nowadays, some women prefer to invite their partners as well, and it is the best way for the dad-to-be to feel more involved. There are things that you need to consider when determining who to invite to a baby shower. Some of which includes:

• Mom-to-be list of guests
• The events budget and plan
• The type of the baby shower

Make sure that it is clearly stated on the invitations whether the event will be an all female party, or if men, kids and babies can come.

Types of Baby Shower

Topping your list of guests are mom-to-be’s close friends, relatives and co-workers. The primary objective of having a baby shower is to shower the soon to be parents with love and support by joining them in the event and bringing along gifts that is useful for the parents.

Couple baby showers are becoming popular. Both the dad and mom-to-be can join the event with family and friends. Men are starting to love the idea that they can attend baby showers and plays an essential role in the pregnancy. Make sure that you plan the baby shower party properly in case you will be hosting a couples shower. Prepare the favors and games, make it something interesting not only for women but for men as well.

The surprise baby shower is another fun type of baby shower. Preparing the guest list is a little bit difficult to compile since you cannot ask the mother-to-be. In this kind of situation, you can ask some of her co-workers and relatives to create a list for you. Just don’t forget to take note on the invitations that the event is a surprise.

In compiling the guest list, gather all the essential information needed for sending invitations. List down the guest’s name, phone number, email address, and address. The more details you get the better.

The Ideal Number of Friends that you can Invite

Just like any other parties, there are no rules regarding the guest list, however, the type of baby shower will be dictated by the number of guests that you will invite. The types of games you can play and catering will depend on the number of guests that you will invite. Basically, baby shower is an intimate event where your relatives and friends can meet and associate so keep your guest list as short as possible.