Baby Shower Ideas for a Girl

The upcoming arrival of a baby girl into the world is a big deal, so naturally the celebrations that preempt the big day are really special. The baby shower itself is maybe the most important event to bring everyone together to celebrate the new little bundle of joy, but with so many options and baby shower themes out there when it comes to this party, where do you begin when planning the most memorable baby girl shower? Don’t let the limitless idea boards out there overwhelm you! This is an extraordinary life milestone that should be fun to put together, so put on your creativity hat and be open to have a great time while planning the best baby girl shower!

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How do you plan baby shower for a girl?

Getting Started: It’s best to start with the mother-to-be—what’s her personality? What kind of things does she like? What are her favorite colors or her favorite storybooks? Make a list of what spectacular things make up the future mom, and then go from there! And, of course, for a baby girl, you’re going to want to make sure you incorporate plenty of pink into the party! As far as who does all the planning for a baby girl shower, there are no set rules. Whether it’s just you, or you involve family or co-workers of the future mom, anything goes. However, a baby shower can be a pretty big undertaking, so the more hands in the putting it together, the better! Don’t hesitate to bring together your tribe to help you create a lovely event.

What are some popular baby shower themes for a girl?

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Who pays for the baby shower?

Whomever you decide to enlist to help you be the best baby shower host, don’t forget that the costs of putting on this baby girl shower can begin to add up. It is customary that the mother-to-be not fund her own baby shower, and as the host, you (and your other fellow hosts) will split the costs of the event.

How do you celebrate a baby shower at home?

A party venue for all the guests to celebrate your baby shower is a great idea, but you can throw an equally terrific event at your own home. Sometimes, the whole atmosphere of the party is made even better by actually keeping it at your residence, as here you can offer guests a sweet, homey feel. Also, you know the ins and outs of your house like no one else, obviously, so keeping things running smoothly during the shower has never been easier. Not to mention, you can significantly reduce your party costs if you choose to throw your baby girl shower at your home. And on top of all this, unlike a venue where you have to pay for clean-up, at your own home clean-up is free—and guests will most likely offer a helping hand, resulting in more bonding time which is always a wonderful thing!

What kind of food do you serve at a baby shower?


The perfect go-to food for a great baby shower are things that are easy to grab and eat, while still packing a delicious punch. For salty fares, think quiche, mini-muffins, mini pizza, dips, and appetizer type food. For the sweeter side, you can have a ball coming up with this menu! Incorporate the baby girl theme by dolling thick pink frosting on cupcakes, having a purple ombre main event cake, and donning sugar cookies in the shape of little baby girls, ribbons, and bows. A signature drink is a great idea for the baby girl shower, too, and pink lemonade is always a wonderful option!

How many games & what are some games to play at a baby shower?

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A baby shower is not complete without really fun baby shower games! From Baby Bingo to Baby Girl Mad Libs, your options really are limitless when it comes to all the awesome games and activities you can incorporate into the party. Start the shower off right with an icebreaker baby shower game, such as Don’t Say Baby. When guests arrive, give them a diaper pin and tell them they can’t use the word “baby” until it’s time to open shower gifts. If one guest hears another say the word, they take their pin! At the end of the time on the game, whoever has the most pins wins! This is a fantastic way to get your guests talking and mingling with one another.


Other unique game ideas are Guess the Baby Food (which pretty much explains itself!), Diaper Dirby, in which guests race to create a diaper out of nothing but toilet paper, or Baby Sketch Artists, in which guests attempt to draw a baby on a paper plate—while it’s on top of their head! Worried about too little or too much when it comes to games? Don’t be! It’s standard to play 2 to 4 games at a baby shower, so if you keep your activities around that mark, you will be golden!

What do you wear to a baby shower?

Sometimes it can be confusing for the host and for guests on a couple of key etiquette rules. What should you wear to a baby shower and, maybe most importantly, what should you bring? Let guests know ahead of time what to expect, either through your invitations or by touching base with them before the event. Unless you have a costume theme for the baby shower, a typical appropriate dress code is a nice blouse with slacks or a skirt, or a sundress-esque type of ensemble.

What do i bring to a baby shower?


What to bring is the easiest thing of all—a thoughtful gift for the upcoming baby girl! Sometimes, guests also like to bring a little extra something for the mom-to-be, but this is a personal preference and is not required. If there is a request for a guest to bring something specific, such as a onesie or a baby picture of themselves, make sure to include these details on the invitations.


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