What Will It Bee Reveal Party


This adorable What Will It Bee Reveal was innovatively designed by the experts at  My Little Angel Decorations.  The venue was fantastically light and comfortable with a white base for all of the decorations to stand out on.  

Guest tables were quite elegant with a white base and white chairs. Each was accented with a lovely vase full of gorgeous flower mixes with daisies as the color pop.  The place settings were also white with remarkable black and white napkins that added a neat bit of contrast. These tables even had black, gold and white runners down the center.

The dessert section was separated into several tables to allow for easy access for the guests.  They featured a large sheer backdrop in white with a custom honeycomb graphic that said, “What will it bee,” in a lovely font.  Balloons in large bundles added a fun touch to this section in white and bright yellow colors.

One of the treat tables featured a honeycomb decoration that stood tall, each section holding a tasty cupcake for the visitors to enjoy. The frosting on the cupcakes was beautifully detailed to match the theme perfectly.  This table held tall cake trays with domed lids with layered treats that looked absolutely decadent. 

Other tasty desserts showcased on these beautiful tables included sugar cookies in detailed shapes to advertise the theme in cute style. One tray held cookies shaped into honey jars with honey combs set behind them. Donuts made a great filler with white and yellow frosting along with adorable little bumblebees and white flowers.  A tiered cake was gorgeously decked out in yellow, black and white colors.  It had a wonderful beehive topper to enhance the theme perfectly.  From top to bottom, this event was sure to be a memorable one with such wonderful decorations.


what-will-it-bee-reveal-balloons what-will-it-bee-reveal-cookies what-will-it-bee-reveal-daisies
what-will-it-bee-reveal-desserts what-will-it-bee-reveal-dessert-table what-will-it-bee-reveal-donuts what-will-it-bee-reveal-donut-tray what-will-it-bee-reveal-dress-tie-cookies what-will-it-bee-reveal-flowers what-will-it-bee-reveal-flower-vase what-will-it-bee-reveal-honeycomb what-will-it-bee-reveal-sugar-cookies what-will-it-bee-reveal-sweets what-will-it-bee-reveal-treats


Planning/design -  My Little Angel Decorations


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