Baby Under Construction Baby Shower

OwliePowlie came up with another winner with this adorable Baby Under Construction baby shower theme.  Using bold bright colors, this theme brings excitement and fun to any venue you would use.

baby-under-construction-baby-shower dessert table

The table layout for this fantastic theme uses a creative blend of patterns and colors to draw attention.  With a bold font a backdrop was created using flag lettering to welcome the coming baby.  Each flag had a fun array of yellow, red, black, white and orange colors along with various patterns to stand out in dramatic fashion. To give a complete look to the banner giant yellow poms were placed on each end adding a cute touch. With this all set against a light blue toned base, the colors were able to really pop.

The table was covered in orange to blend with the theme seamlessly and a unique layering of flag banners blasted out that the celebration was for a little boy. With this banner each flag had a cute polka dot background with colors that matched the theme perfectly.

At the front of the display table a train of construction vehicles were displayed, made from cardstock, ensuring that the theme was clearly advertised. Adorable cupcake stands placed on each end of the table held brightly frosted treats set in construction labels and even had construction signs in the center of each one.

A neat layered of boxes allowed each snack to stand out, while ensuring easy access for the guests. To decorate the boxes yellow and black striped decor was used.

The cake for this construction party was a fantastic creation that looked like a real construction zone with vehicles, cones and signs all decorating a delicious chocolatey delight. With little trays of candies on each side, this cake was well accented.

Credits – OwliePowlie

baby-under-construction-baby-shower banner baby-under-construction-baby-shower cake baby-under-construction-baby-shower cupcake toppers baby-under-construction-baby-shower favor bags baby-under-construction-baby-shower favors loads of thanks baby-under-construction-baby-shower games baby-under-construction-baby-shower invitations baby-under-construction-baby-shower main table baby-under-construction-baby-shower napkin wrapper baby-under-construction-baby-shower photo booth props baby-under-construction-baby-shower signs

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