DIY Craft Paper Flowerpot Centerpiece for Parties

Making Paper Flowerpot Centerpiece

DIY Craft Paper Flowerpot Centerpiece for Parties

All parties need beautiful decor and a central part of this decor is the centerpiece. Purchasing is one option, but they can become quite costly especially if you are placing a centerpiece on each guest table. Despite the cost, it is definitely convenient. The other alternative is to make your own centerpiece and challenge yourself making something you’ve never made before! The best part of doing it yourself is, you can also customize it to fit your baby shower theme!

This paper flower pot centerpiece is one perfect example that is challenging and affordable using items that you can easily find at home! You’ll be leaving your guests wondering where you bought it from!

Video on How to Make a Paper Flowerpot


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tissues
  • Plastic ball (eg. Kid’s Toy Ball)
  • Glue
  • Color papers (this should be the color you want the centerpiece to be)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Bamboo stick or any wooden long stick
  • Stanley knife
  • Ornaments such as beads, pearls, laces, letter liquid stickers (optional)
  • Tin | Can
  • Polystyrene


DIY centerpiece paper flowerpot

Step 1:

Mix up equal amounts of water and glue in a cup. This will be the glue mixture.

Step 2:

Take the plastic ball and, using the glue mixture, stick the pieces of tissue paper until completely covered.

Step 3:

Draw a spiral shape on the color paper and then cut along the drawn lines with scissors.

Step 4:

Grab the spiral strip of paper and start rolling the outermost end, inwards. Continue doing this until you’ve reached towards the end. Use glue to secure the bottom of the rolled-up portion to the innermost “circular” portion. Now you’ve made the flower!

Step 5:

Make many more flowers using the method mentioned in step 3 and step 4.

Step 6:

Take a bamboo stick and draw its outline on the covered ball. Cut along the marked outline using a Stanley knife.

Step 7:

Insert the stick into the ball through the hole, with the pointy part inside.

Step 8:

Stick the flowers onto the tissue-wrapped ball one by one, until the ball is completely covered.

Step 9:

Use beads to decorate the flower as you wish. Here pearls have been glued to the center of each flower.

Step 10:

Using the tin can, draw circles on the Polystyrene. Cut the circles out and place them inside the can.

Step 11:

Wrap the can with paper on the outside and glue lace (or your choice of ornament) to the top and bottom edges.

Add other decorations like letters, stickers if you want.

Step 12:

Insert the bamboo stick attached to the ball through the Polystyrene inside the tin can.

Step 13:

Cover the visible Polystyrene with small strips of colored paper and pearls.

And there you have it! A beautiful centerpiece you can use as elegant decor for parties.

table paper centerpiece
Making Paper Flowerpot Centerpiece
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