Lemon Baby Shower Decorations and Party Favors

beautiful lemon themed baby shower decorations
lemon running across tables with beautiful decorative blue glasses

Just imagine the relief that you feel drinking an ice cold glass of lemonade on a sweltering hot summer day. Since lemons are bright yellow, this baby shower theme is perfect for the summer time. If you are feeling the winter blues, a lemon themed baby shower might also brighten your mood during the long winter season.

lemon baby shower backdrop

Lemon Baby Shower Invitations

Remember to incorporate lemon-themed wording and phrases like “When life gives you lemons, celebrate the baby!” or “Squeeze the date for a lemony sweet baby shower!” to tie everything together.

Lemon Baby Shower Decorations

Balloons in colors of yellow and white with some paper or faux green lemon leaves would make the theme stand out! In addition to balloons, whether in a form of balloon arch behind the dessert table or hanging from ceiling, you’ll also need other essentials such as banners and toppers! See below for some ideas!

pastel pink and yellow lemon baby shower decors
Lemon Themed Baby Shower Set Up
lemon themed baby shower dessert table

Lemon Banner

Every party needs a welcome banner! This Lemon baby shower package includes an adorable lemon banner which will make the perfect addition to your baby shower!

Lemon Baby Shower Decorations and Party Favors
Lemon Printable Paper Banner

“Oh Baby” Lemon Cupcake Toppers

These cute lemon themed cupcake toppers will turn your cupcakes in adorable creations.

Lemon Baby Shower Decoration cupcake toppers

Lemon Baby Shower Food

A lemon themed baby shower is the perfect time to break out your favorite lemonade recipe. Here are some lemon-inspired food ideas to serve at your lemon themed baby shower:

babies are sweet take a treat sign
lemon baby shower mama to be chair sign
  • Lemon Chicken Skewers: Skewer tender pieces of lemon-infused chicken with colorful bell peppers for a zesty appetizer.
  • Lemon Butter Shrimp: Serve succulent shrimp cooked in a lemony butter sauce.
  • Lemon-Thyme Roasted Potatoes: Roast bite-sized potatoes with lemon juice and fresh thyme for a flavorful side dish.
  • Lemon-Garlic Butter Asparagus: Roast or sauté asparagus in lemon-infused garlic butter.


  • Lemonade Stand: Set up a lemonade stand with freshly squeezed lemonade. Offer options like classic lemonade, sparkling lemonade, and pink lemonade.
lemon party signature drinks sign
  • Lemon Iced Tea: Brew a batch of iced tea and offer lemon slices for guests to add a zesty twist.
  • Lemon Cucumber Infused Water: Create a refreshing beverage station with pitchers of water infused with lemon slices and cucumber rounds.


  • Lemon Bars: Bake classic lemon bars with a buttery crust and tart lemon filling, dusted with powdered sugar.
  • Lemon Cupcakes: Prepare lemon-flavored cupcakes with lemon zest in the batter and lemon buttercream frosting.
  • Lemon Cheesecake: Serve slices of creamy lemon cheesecake topped with a lemon glaze.
  • Lemon Poppy Seed Cake: Bake a lemon poppy seed cake with lemon curd filling and a lemony cream cheese frosting.

Lemon Baby Shower Games

Ensure to have lemon-themed prizes for the winners of each game to enhance the lemony theme. These games will infuse a zest of fun and laughter into your lemon-themed baby shower. Here are some creative lemon-themed baby shower game ideas:

  • Lemonade Stand Relay Race: Divide guests into teams. Each team races to set up a mini lemonade stand by assembling a pitcher, lemons, sugar, and cups. The first team to make “lemonade” and pour a cup wins.
  • Lemon Squeeze Game: Set up a lemon squeeze challenge where guests compete to squeeze the most juice out of a lemon within a time limit. Use the juice for a refreshing lemonade toast afterward.
  • Lemon Word Scramble: Create a list of lemon-related words, scramble the letters, and have guests unscramble them within a given time. The person with the most correct unscrambled words wins.
  • Lemon Story: Sit in a circle and start a story, with each guest adding a sentence that includes the word “lemon” or a lemon-related term. The story continues, with each person adding their part.

Lemon Baby Shower Favors

  • Lemon-Themed Cookies: Send guests home with lemon-shaped or lemon-flavored cookies as party favors.
  • Lemon-Scented Candles: Provide lemon-scented candles for guests to take as a fragrant reminder of the baby shower.
  • Lemon Lip Balm: Offer small containers of lemon-infused lip balm as useful and sweet favors.

Lemon Meringue Pie Soap

These Lemon Meringue pie soaps are handmade by DopeSoapSudsery, created with the most natural ingredients possible. With a scent of the delicious lemon meringue pie, your guests will absolutely enjoy this gift!

Lemon Meringue Pie Soap favors

Lemon Hair ties

These adorable hair ties are great for baby shower favors. Their exclusive sweet Lemon hair ties feature custom artwork from watercolor artist Gina Tyler. They come with quality cardstocks using crisp, professional laser print

Lemon Baby Shower Personalized Hair Tie Favors

Lemon Drop Lip Balm

Treat you guests extra special with this lemon lip balm. This refreshing lip blam is made with lip softening oils such as Avocado and Jojoba, plus nourishing Coconut Oil and a hint of Castor Oil for a subtle shine.

Lemon Drop Lip Balm

Lemon Fudge

Your guests will enjoy a unique treat of southern style fudge. This old fashioned fudge was inspired by the seller’s grandmother and is made with only fresh ingredients.

lemon fudge
by TheFudgeShopSC
how to plan a lemon baby shower

Lemon Themed Party Collection

Check out these Lemon themed baby shower parties by talented event planners and bakers! Find their detail below the image! Enjoy and get inspired!

Lima Limao
lavish lemon party
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy baby shower cookies
pink and yellow with patterned blue
Mamas little Lemon Squeeze baby shower
Mamas little Lemon Squeeze baby shower cookies set
pink lemon baby shower
our little lemon baby shower creative cookies
lemon party dessert table
Citrus and floral cookies
oh boy lemon themed cake
summer lemon themed baby shower cake cupcakes
decorated lemon themed cookies
outdoor rustic lemon baby shower
mamas main squeeze baby shower
sunflower and lemon baby shower
picnic lemon and floral baby shower
lemon themed dessert table
beautiful blue and yellow lemon baby shower tablescape
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