Precious Moments Baby Shower

Precious Moments Baby Shower –

The Precious Moments Inspired Baby Shower by Fransiska and Prisca of Burgundy Event Coordinating is a delight for anyone invited. With a color scheme of peach, orange and green, everyone will feel right at home at this Spring oriented, brightly colored party. The flower arrangements give a great splash of color against the fresh white tablecloth. This beautiful party will bring out the best in anyone as they walk by the delightful Precious Moment figurines.

Precious Moments Baby Shower ideas

Everyone will be very excited about all the handcrafted treats ranging from artfully decorated cookies to bags of jelly beans with cute tags. And don’t forget the two beautifully decorated cakes! The cakes are amazingly decorated with the parents-to-be standing on the top waiting for their beautiful baby girl. The backdrop of colorful paper streamers with darling onsie garlands are absolutely perfect. Even the garden pot filled tulips and the drinking cans follows the color scheme. The “Decorate a Onesie” station is a great way for the guests to express their excitement while getting a unique gift for the Mommy-to-be. Fransiska and Prisca definitely captured the adorable Precious Moments feel in this amazing party.

Precious Moments Baby Shower ideas

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