Retro Valentine’s Day Party

Retro Valentine's Day Party

What better way to celebrate the universal day of love than to throw a fun party fit for all ages? Anders Ruff Custom Designs | Shop did just this with a Retro Valentine’s Day party themed in a sweet shoppe setting. This event was a bright and cheerful, with a spectacular array of all things Valentine’s Day, including sweet treats and detailed décor.

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The main event table was a sight to see, with a pale pink backdrop and a scalloped overhang in the classic sweet shoppe look of red and white stripes.  The table itself was draped with a thick, pink table cloth and a garland sign hanging on the front that read, “Sweet Love”. In the center of the table was the true star amidst the huge selection of delectable Valentine’s Day treats—the cake. A cake in the shape of a gigantic cupcake was an amazing centerpiece for the event table, displayed on a two-tiered, red cake stand, and with a heart cake topper. Every platter and serving dish on the main table was in the same matching, glossy red tone as the cake stand, which really made the sweet shoppe theme pop. In front of the cake were a handful of different pink and red treats in old-timey sweet shoppe float glasses with sugar cookies in the shape of vibrant ice cream cones and miniature hearts reading “XO”.

Other amazing and elaborate sweets on the event table included actual ice cream in cones, topped with heart sprinkles and nestled in a serving tray full of pink and white candies. Milkshake floats with layers of pinks and reds were topped with whipped cream and decorated with sparkling Valentine’s Day candies. There were also bowls of yummy chocolate in personalized wrappers for the special occasion, and even a gorgeous selection of colorful and exquisitely detailed cake pops.

Credit – Anders Ruff Custom Designs | Shop

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Retro Valentine's Day Party
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