The Secret Garden Baby Shower

Tikkido put on a stunning baby shower fit for the springtime. Set in the theme of a secret garden baby shower, this celebration was full of crisp, airy colors in pastel hues and soft patterns and fabrics. Decorations were especially sweet, with floral baby onesies strung up on a clothesline to pose as a bright type of garland.


A main table that featured delicious party sweets boasted a gorgeous backdrop of huge white, multi-petal flowers with a corresponding tree of long branches on the table. A glass, triple-tiered stand of ivory-frosted sugar cookies was a prominent centerpiece for the table, and it was surrounded by equally mouth-watering treats like pink mousse in glass bowls, miniature pale pink biscotti cookies, and pink lemonade balls rolled in confectioners’ sugar. Lemon tarts filled with honey added one more puckering flavor to the springtime layout. The star of the table, however, had to be the incredibly detailed chocolate cupcakes, with the frosting emulating a garden filled with wild mushrooms and flowers. Every different food item was accompanied by an elaborate label telling the guests what the treat was on a notecard with white petals attached to it. This added one more piece of pretty décor to the magical and special celebration.

The event was not without savory salty fares as well, including a tall cake stand filled with mini sandwiches, cheese and crackers, and a specialty strudel with exquisite ingredients of goat cheese and bacon. Pink punch was a delightful beverage option and a big batch of it filled a large glass apothecary dispenser. The guest party favors were extra creative, as a paint by number activity was incorporated, along with sugar cookies frosted in sparkling white icing wrapped up for the guests to take home.

Credit – Tikkido

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