Yellow Submarine Baby Shower

This baby shower created by Carmen of Shugar Love was a very unique and lighthearted event with a Yellow Submarine theme that brought her love for the Beatles to life. This baby shower combined a vibrant chevron pattern with fantastic details that guests were sure to enjoy.

The shower was held outdoors, allowing for a wide open area in the bright sun to really provide a brilliant natural lighting that made everything look fun and exciting. Overhead a fantastic chevron banner was strung, introducing the theme nicely.


The cake was a delight with one layer frosted in white and adorned with a wonderful yellow submarine introducing baby-to-be in a classic and endearing way.  With a fun mini-chevron banner displayed on the cake, the theme wrapped the cake from top to bottom!

Among all the lovely edibles there were some fantastic looking cupcakes that were frosted and had little yellow sprinkles and little Beatles figures standing out of them.

There were twinkies creatively decorated to look like submarines with straws sticking out of them, making a delicious treat that enveloped the theme nicely.

Even the deviled-eggs were a part of the party fun with a personalized chevron sign advertising that they were the Eggman.

The beverage glasses were all fantastically labeled with a variety of Beatle images and messages, making this party a real experience to love.

The guest tables were precisely arranged, creating a nice conformity that would allow guests to sit close without being on top of each other. Each table was draped with a white cloth and had a neat black-and-white chevron runner that stood out vibrantly.  With a fun aquarium as the centerpiece, these tables were a hit.

With many other decorations spread throughout the party area like personalized Beatles balloons, this event was a one-of-a-kind that Beatle’s lovers anywhere could enjoy.

Credits – Carmen Shugar

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